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Montreal’s Loveable Anne Lovely Etienne


Journalist, television columnist, and lifestyle expert

anne-lovely-etienne-mainSuccess takes shape in many forms, especially on the streets of Montreal. Inspiration isn’t hard to find if we take a look at our neighbours. One neighbour in particular has been extra busy sharing her passion with both readers and viewers: Anne-Lovely Etienne, one of our most admired television personalities, took the time to chat with us about her career.

anne-lovely-etienne-2“I started as a radio researcher,” said Etienne. From this intern position, she worked her way up the ladder to become a trusted source of information in our city. Her resume includes Radio X Montreal, live television time alongside Marie-Claude Savard and Benoit Gagnon, as well as Journal de Montreal, and Global Montreal.

anne-lovely-etienne-3Global Montreal is one of her newer feats—an exciting one as Etienne breaks into the English market with her television beauty segments. Her columns and television segments focus on lifestyle topics in and around our city.

anne-lovely-etienne-6One of the things that makes Anne-Lovely so lovable is the genuine emotion she shows through all of her work, towards all of the people she meets, and back at all of her fans. “People should know about my human side,” she said. “People should know more about me than just lifestyle.”

When she began working with Journal de Montreal, Etienne was a hard news reporter. “People would come up to me and open their hearts to me. They would tell me their stories.” Etienne hopes to experience these types of genuine connections, regardless of what type of news she reports. “I love people. That’s very true.”

anne-lovely-etienne-9Etienne takes the time to appreciate her readers and viewers. She listens to content suggestions, stories, and all around soaks in the support. “If no one read me, or watched me on TV, there would be no Anne-Lovely,” she said. “When someone recognizes me, I take the time.” It’s the beautiful and diverse people of Montreal that inspire her daily.

anne-lovely-etienne-12Etienne’s mission lately is driven by the diverse citizens in our city. Etienne wants to bring the same diversity we see in the streets into the media. She was born in Haiti, but grew up in Montreal, like many others from a huge range of backgrounds. Now, she loves the range of communities that cohabit in Montreal. “We are so lucky,” she said.

anne-lovely-etienne-11Anne-Lovely knew she wanted to be in the media since she was nine years old. Her teacher asked the class to draw themselves as they picture their lives in ten years. “I’m a journalist, and I’m actually on TV,” she said. “Now, I am a black journalist in one of the most read French papers in North America.”

anne-lovely-etienne-13Etienne hopes that others from all different backgrounds find the same opportunities that she did to follow her lifelong dream. “I really want to work on diversifying media in French,” she said. “I’m not going to be a black journalist, I’m just going to be a journalist.” In our diverse city especially, everyone should have the chance to express themselves.

anne-lovely-etienneAnne-Lovely Etienne shared words of parting wisdom to those chasing after their dreams: “Never give up. It’s very tough. A lot of times I thought I should do something else,” she said. “Every time I thought ‘I am meant for this; I have to do this; I will be unhappy if I do something else.’ A lot of doors close before one door opens.”

By: Jillian Clark – totimes.ca


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