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Mr. Bolly – The Sound of Victory



“I found myself bouncing left right in my bathroom, grabbing my clipper and dancing my way towards the mirror. Smirk on my face, I had to admit that I finally enjoyed making an authentic hip-hop song after so long”, said Montreal based artist Mr. Bolly, while recalling his very first love for hip hop.


bolly6His hit single “Victory” is out on all digital platforms (iTunes etc) also airing on Bell Fibe TV1 who is rotating a TV show called Boxinglife.tv, used as a jingle in 7 episodes. It doesn’t stop here. The first spin of the remixed version was out on K103.7fm with legendary host Don Smooth very recently.


Ladies and Gentlemen, if you haven’t already, please give a warm welcome to Mr. Bolly!


bolly5If you heard his song Victory, you will probably remember the words: “Buckle up: this song is called to reach out the 4 corners of this world”. Ambitious you’d state? Well as we speak, he is something like a phenomenon. Last September 23rd, I was introduced to our hip-hop artist along with his producer and partner in crime Sorin Pavelesco and Lea Longo who does script mantra on the song and considered as the angelic side of team. They were about to perform at The Views of the World Film & Music Festival, held at the prestigious St-James Theater. They were the only musical act booked for this event which is unique and testifies on how Mr. Bolly and his team has a history of delivering powerful and jaw dropping performances on stage.


bolly4“Here’s how I see it: “Victory” has a life of its own. I now have “no control” on the single. You have athletes such MMA fighters and boxing circuit in Quebec who uses “Victory” as their entrance’s theme for I believe this tune is what athletes can identify with. Simply put, the song is its own brand”, he shared. I wouldn’t be surprised if Victory becomes the official anthem of some high-end sports team such as the Yankees or the Alouettes… Why not?


bolly3Wearing an edgy suit and stylish hat, Mr. Bolly is a character and the image of East meets West, reflecting Al Capone and Charlie Chaplin. The artist is just as assertive as his hit song. No wonder why The Views of the World Film & Music Festival added Mr. Bolly to their program.


bolly2As I was panning the stage from time to time, I was left intrigued by the creative fusion between Mr. Bolly and his keyboardist. Yes, he did introduce him to me as Sorin the Producer of the “Victory”, but yet, I could feel that their collaboration was deeper than their partnership. “Just like Michael Jackson stuck with Quincy Jones, Snoop Dogg with Dre and Justin Timberlake with Timbaland, I too have a distinctively solid partnership with Sorin Pavelesco. In short, Sorin is the genius behind it all and the main composer/producer. We both co-own Break the Bank music Production and I am the lyricist and main writer in the company. My objective is to remain with Sorin because he creates such unbelievable sound that merges wonderfully with my creativity”, said Mr. Bolly. When asking if collaborating with other established producers could serve as a key component in helping reaching new levels of stardom, his response was straight forward: “Partnering with anyone else can just kill my brand at least for the moment.”                                                       


bolly_favoriteWhat’s next? He shared that in 2017 him and his team will be producing the music video for the song Victory, as well as releasing an EP with 6 songs. Also, the Victory remix will be released sometime in November 2016, and the official album will see the light of the day in a short run.


Mr. Bolly is certainly the “sugar and spice” of the Hip Hop scene in Montreal. The Montreal Times wishes him a great continuity and will keep following his career closely!


Follow Mr Bolly on smart phones and mobile devices: – http://mrbolly.mobi

By: Vladimir Jacques – totimes.ca





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