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New advances in mobile gaming technology


Video games were organized for the first time in 1980, but now the new advances in gaming technology have raised their level in technology. The worth of mobile gaming technology in 2019 recorded about $68.5, but now this amount is 45%, worth $152. This massive advancement in the gaming industry is remarkable and does not remain unnoticed. Therefore, most of the businessmen are investing much in this industry due to 10.2% per annum.

However, this advancement does not stop here. The value of gaming technology has expected to reach a rate of $77 in 2020. So this value counts to be in more profit due to exceeding the limit from $77 to 2020. Due to the increase in value, this worth stood at 13.2% per annum, which worths a lot. Mobile games are computerized games, also called indoor games, mostly played on mobile phones, tablets, pads, and smartphones. The snake was the first game launched into Nokia in 1997 and got access to over 350 million devices worldwide. However, now, due to advancements in technology, everyone can install multiple video games on their smartphones from the play store and in their macintoshes from the Apple store. This has made it way easier to catch up the entertainment and have an access to various sources of entertainment, with a little effort. What actually needed is a smartphone; and a good internet connection.

Advances in mobile gaming technology

If someone is not living in the past decade, he must be aware of several games from PUBG to Pokemon Go by 2010. These games include being of great popularity not only for children but also for adults. Even in the past year, PewDiePie was the most subscribed channel on YouTube. Jammin Jars slot demo is the best game on an android phone, which enables you to earn real money for free just by playing the game. However, this game is about fruits that you like fresh fruits or by spreading into a jam.

Several online casino games provide you an opportunity to explore multiple games at once. Somehow, these games are out of cost, and it does not depend on the size of your screen, whether it is iPhone, Android, tablet, or smartphone. Likewise, to discuss their advancement in a starburst, mermaid games, Thunderstruck II, Tomb Raider, and millions of online games, you can play for free. By comparing the initial casino games, you will analyze that the internet, large screen, and sound quality have become very fast while playing these games. Most of the casino games only appear on the desktop, but game developers are struggling to enable you to download or play such games on your android phone with the advancement in technology.

Incredible advances in gaming technology

In the last decade, there are many incredible advances in gaming technology that do not remain unnoticed.

Use of AR and VR Technology

Several casino games have AR and VR exotic technology. VR games use a VR headset and make you think that you are playing this game in real casinos. AR technology improves your game experience by providing you 360 views on your mobile phone.

Security Protection

Game developers have created such games with proper security that do not have cyber fraud and hacking. However, in these years, we can get facial recognition, fingerprint recognition to improve your security, and this is an astonishing achievement in the gaming world.

Gesture Games

Gesture games are a wonderful creation in modern technology and advancement. RealSense technology enables a person to play shooter games to control the game by using body and hand gestures. One can do this just by using your mobile 3D camera and can get 22 extra points.

Virtual Games

Many games will let you in virtual words by using a VR headset that rewards you in the world of imagination that no one has seen before.

Mobile Games

It is the most useful advancement in gaming technology where the games have moved from your desktop to the screen of your android phone. Therefore, you can enjoy them and entertain yourself just by sitting in your room. With these advancements in the gaming world, you do not have any need to go out. However, it saves your time and money somehow.

Augmented Reality

Many of the games have augmented reality in action in which while facing the virtual world, For example, Pokemon Go. However, it includes all the virtual images surrounding you. These games enable you to think out of the box and make you imagine puzzles or strategy games that could let you in augmented reality.

Cloud Gaming

Instead of developing video games that burdens your hardware, game developers are looking for several ways to create light games by using the cloud. Using cloud games, massive server limits to size, and you can find adorable images on your screen by using the internet.

Demanding  Games

Like movies streaming and sharing, gamers also like, share, and watch video game streaming. This streaming will lead to small and big game developers in the glory of competition.

Voice Control

This feature is for lazy gamers who can easily command using voice. This gaming technology has the advancement of controlling game features by voice. You can easily interact on social media, gameplay, play selection, media library, or the search web just by commanding.


Video games have several negative impacts on health, but it could be useful to improve your mental health when you play such games in a sequence. However, video games are another way to develop social skills with people and a source of mindfulness or relief from tensions and burdens. Therefore, it helps you get rid of boring traditional games and engage you in entertainment. Somehow, mobile phones’ overuse by playing games will lead you toward the critical problems of physical and mental health disturbance. By ignoring all such side effects playing video games within limits can save your time and an immeasurable way to relax in a short time.

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