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Nicholas Kyriacopoulos: How to build a home gym


Fitness is not just about the physical. It’s also about emotional and mental health. As someone who took an interest in boxing and other activities early on, Nicholas Kyriacopoulos can attest to the importance of working out on a regular basis. Choosing to build your own home gym provides the setting and the motivation to work out without being constrained to a fitness centre schedule. Here are some tips that will help you create a home gym that serves you well.

Home gym

Identify the space that you can set aside for the gym

Look around your property and identify the most practical location for your home gym. The goal is to choose a setting that’s easily accessible, large enough to house the equipment that you plan on using, and will require a minimum of changes in order to provide a good place to work out.

There are multiple options that you can consider. Some suggestions that enthusiasts like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos are likely to recommend are spare bedrooms that are rarely used, finished basements, or possibly garages that are used more for storage than for vehicles. You may even find that setting up a home gym in the attic is a possibility.

Make any structural changes that may be needed

If you’re fortunate, converting the space will require little to no structural changes. This is often the case with a spared bedroom or a finished basement. The odds are greater that you may need to invest some time and money is the attic or the garage is the site chosen for the home gym.

As an expert in housing and home renovations, Nicholas Kyriacopoulos would recommend that you consult with a contractor before attempting to make any structural changes. The goal is to identify what needs to be done while ensuring the changes are in compliance with current codes.

Pay attention to climate control

The plan is to have space where you can work out during any type of weather. Assuming that a bedroom is converted into a home gym, there’s already access to the heating and cooling system. Should you go with the garage, the basement, or the attic, it may be necessary to invest in equipment that will keep the temperature and humidity level within reason.

This is another area where Nicholas Kyriacopoulos would recommend calling on an expert. It may be that you could tie into the existing system without placing too much stress on the unit. At other times, you may need to invest in a stand-alone unit to heat and cool the space. As long as it will allow you to work out in relative comfort, that approach is the right one.

Consider the routines that you will perform regularly

Before you begin to furnish the home gym, think a bit about the types of workout routines you plan on performing. This will guide your first choices of equipment. It will also provide some structure to your routine and allow you to focus on exercises that help you achieve your fitness goals.

For example, you may want to increase upper body strength as well as muscle mass. Long-time fitness enthusiasts like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos can recommend some exercises to include. The same is true if you want to work on your core or strengthen and tone the legs. In less time than you anticipated, it will be possible to design a routine that’s right for you.

Invest in basic and affordable equipment

Now that you know what exercises to include, it’s time to think about investing in fitness equipment. Consider starting with some basics, like a set of dumbbells, a weight bench, and a few barbells. You may also want to invest in a chin-up bar as well as some mats for exercises like sit-ups and push-ups.

You may want to take inspiration from Nicholas Kyriacopoulos;’ past and decide to add sparring to your list of exercises. If so, investing in a punch bag is a good idea. Remember to start with the basics and choose quality over price. Doing so ensures the equipment holds up well as the years pass.

Plan to add more equipment when and as practical

While you can begin the home workouts with basic equipment, feel free to add to your home gym when and as you wish. Stationary bikes, weight machines, and other devices can be purchased over time and help expand the scope of your workout. Choose each new piece carefully and always go with something that’s likely to last.

When should you add more equipment? Professionals like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos tend to do so as they tone muscles and need new challenges to take them to the next level of fitness. The ability to afford the equipment is also important. Along with remaining out of debt, you have the pleasure of using the new equipment knowing it will be around for a long time.

Now that you have your home gym in place, make it a point to use it a minimum of three times per week. If possible, set aside an hour each day to work out. The benefits will pay off in terms of heart health, a balanced frame of mind, and alleviation of stress. You can bet that entrepreneurs like Nicholas Kyriacopoulos will tell you that those three benefits make home gyms worth the time and effort.

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