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Pet of the Week – Angel the Duck Who Thinks She’s a Chicken


Angel is a six month old Muscovy duck, who lives with her eight siblings on an organic farm near Hudson with their ‘Mommy’ Susan Greenspan. Muscovies are the only domesticated ducks which have not descended from the mallard. They are South American in origin and some say, ‘not quite a real duck’.

It’s probably because they don’t really quack, instead they chirp and sing. As a matter of fact Angel has taken quite a liking to her chicken friends – she likes to go to their chicken coup to lay her daily egg and has started making sounds like a chicken. Quite the ‘quack’ I’d say.

Angel doesn’t really like water very much, but does enjoy going out in the morning for a bath in her little swimming pool. It’s a good life on the farm, especially being raised as a pet.

“She is soft and beautiful,” Susan said lovingly of Angel “Most ducks don’t like being touched but when she’s in her perch at night, she lets me pet and cuddle her.”

Angel could also be very helpful around the farm, as Muscovy ducks particularly like to hunt flies and mosquitoes and are known to eat a bit of everything from grass and slugs to grain – so you wouldn’t want her in your vegetable garden.

Angel and her siblings are ‘lucky ducks’ indeed – they are part of the family, live free and are well loved. She willingly offers Susan a daily egg – and when she gets too old for daily farm life, she and her siblings will spend their last days at a refuge retirement farm.


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