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Pet of the Week – Meet Benson the Handsome Cashier


Benson, is a three year old dog who is a special mix of German Shephard and Bernese Mountain dog. A beautiful mix indeed.

“Two great breeds which contribute to his wonderful nature,” said Gwen Wiltzer, his best buddy who he lives with in Laval, QC. “He is what I would term an all-around great guy and a true people’s dog.”

Clearly a good-looking fella’, his nickname is ‘Mr. Handsome’ and Gwen just loves him to death.

His good looks and obvious charm is probably why he is the most popular ‘cashier’ at his job, where he works behind the counter at a pet food store in Laval. I’m sure the owners don’t mind Benson barking out orders and having their clients properly directed to the right toys and food – by a canine specialist who certainly understands their pet’s needs. But I’m not sure if he counts out the change properly, so I imagine he has an assistant during his shift.

After a hard day’s work Benson needs to play just as hard to get the stress out of his system – and Gwen takes good care of that. Otherwise, he really just needs a ball and some fresh water to make him happy!

So next time you are at a pet store and you see a canine employee at the cash register – smile and give him a cookie.


To submit your pet for ‘Pet of the Week’, email Bonnie at bonnierwords@gmail.com or info@r7h.87b.myftpupload.com


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