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Pet of the Week – ‘Meet Lola the Fashion Savvy Dog’


Meet Lola, a twelve and a half year old Reverse Brindle Boxer, whose taste in jewellry and outerwear clearly indicates an evolved sense of fashion. She lives on Nun’s Island with her owner Jocelyne Unger – and I’m certain Lola turns canine heads with her classy and well put together look.

Lola loves to sit on the front porch of their home and is known as the local ‘neighborhood watch’. This lady on four paws surely rules the island – and certainly rules Jocelyne’s heart.

“It reminds me of growing up in Chomedey, where families sat on the front porches after dinner,” said Jocelyne. “Sometimes she just hangs out with friends. She is very fashion savvy as you can see in the photos… I even have to share my jewellery with her!”

Lola is also quite a sociable dog, always ready to share in a good game with her tail-wagging friends.

“Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets!” Jocelyne declared. She might be Lola’s ‘owner’, but Lola gets the last bark in this house.

I wonder if she has any Versace or Chanel in her doggy closet?


To submit your pet for ‘Pet of the Week’, email Bonnie at bonnierwords@gmail.com or info@r7h.87b.myftpupload.com

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