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Pet of the Week – ‘Meet Ringo the Therapy Cat’


Ringo is a 9 year old therapy-cat who brings much joy to the humans in his life. Cynthia Koomas and her family adopted him when he was around five years old and he’s been living with them in Montreal West for nearly four years.

“Ringo came to live with us – or should I say, Ringo chose us as his family. Exactly one week previous to his adoption, we had lost our precious Marcus to an aneurysm and had vowed to wait at least six months before searching for a new cat,” said Cynthia.

But alas, with the famous last words ‘we’ll just take a drive to visit this rescue place’, they headed out and well, Ringo clearly captured their hearts – as much as they captured his.

“Ringo had a rocky start to his life with us. We discovered he had IBS and our vet suggested he take medication to control it. Through modifying his diet and lots of patience on our part, we were able to wean Ringo off all meds within three months.”

His gentle and loving personality led them to believe he would be a great therapy pet. With some ‘fun home training’, Ringo passed the exam becoming a certified therapy cat for Caring Paws Animal Therapy (CPAT). He wears his new red jacket with pride, even if it was printed with the word ‘Dog’ on it instead of ‘Cat’. While awaiting a new vest, he makes no fuss about it as he hops into the car, ready for his work with adults who have special needs at the Marymount Adult Education Centre.

“Ringo brings lots of joy to lots of people and we are glad he chose us as his family.”

And I’m pretty sure Ringo is glad about it too!


To submit your pet for ‘Pet of the Week’, email Bonnie at bonnierwords@gmail.com or info@r7h.87b.myftpupload.com


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