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Pet of the Week – ‘Molly & Blacky the Two Gentle Goofballs’


“Here comes trouble!” That was the first thing Jackie Arsenault had to say about her two dogs Molly and Blacky. “They are best friends… and partners in crime.”

Molly is a two year old Dogue de Bordeaux/Mastiff mix and a ‘loveable troublemaker’. Blacky is a three year old Black Labrador who is ‘a big boy, full of energy, loyal and one of the most gentle creatures you’ll ever meet… and a big goofball’.
Molly was adopted about two years ago from a man who could no longer care for her – but he has visited her several times since then. Blacky was adopted from a young family about three years ago as they could no longer care for him. It was a tough decision for them – but they also have visitation rights!

“Blacky is a lab, so he’s a friendly trouble maker and puppy at heart. Molly is a trouble maker in a different way… don’t let her off her leash! Let’s just say her listening skills aren’t as good as Blacky’s!”

They love to wrestle and play tug of war, running into each other, knocking each other over, pinning each other down and just love to run. Luckily, they live in area just north of Montreal where they have the space to frolic and rampage to their heart’s content.

“They are full of funny, goofy, silly acts every day… Molly loves to cuddle with Blacky and will actually rest her head on his butt when they sleep on the sofa together.”

But for all that energy they hold, they are very playful and gentle when it comes to children. When I asked her how much food they eat in a day, her answer was simple, “Breakfast and supper – with specialties often added in…”

Lucky dogs.


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