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Pet of the Week – ‘Neevee the Pug with an Adorable Mug’


Neevee is a 7.5 pound Pug who lives in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue with Birgit Schultz and her family. Neevee was rescued from ‘Under My Wing-Pug Rescue’, a registered charitable organization based in Ottawa, run entirely by volunteers dedicated to providing a ‘bridge between a pug’s past life and its better future’.

“I applied for her as soon as she became available, and after very rigorous screening she joined our family on December 30th 2015,” explained Birgit.

Like all pugs, Neevee is easygoing, she loves food and her family – and in that order. She was quite chunky a year ago, but less food and more exercise (both not especially welcome) have led to her newly trim figure. Considering sees herself as a ‘fashionista’ with a strong sense of fashion (although the jury is still out on her choice of style) it was a necessary sacrifice.

“Before donning her new custom knit sweater, she dressed herself in my undergarment by rolling in a laundry pile. I woke up to the sight of my pug in my bra!” Birgit explained.

For a little unit, Neevee can be a sassy little girl, keeping her friends Piglee Pug and Spider the cat in line. Rabbits on the other hand seem to have a handle on her. “Only Jemima, our quirky rabbit, intimidates her to a very small degree.”

One thing for sure, she’s a real character – and the mug on this little pug has captured their hearts!


To submit your pet for ‘Pet of the Week’, email Bonnie at bonnierwords@gmail.com or info@r7h.87b.myftpupload.com


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