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Project for Quality Remote Work: Your Tool and Its Features


As the remote working trend gains significant momentum, people are increasingly focused on the quality of remote communication products. Driven by the telecommuting trend, people are paying more and more attention to the quality of remote communication products. Convenience and reliability are the main factors that determine the popularity of a particular video conferencing tool. Do the reviews about iMind confirm them or not? Let’s clarify the use of such platforms and learn more about the service.

More about Video Conferencing Service

Business is a team game, so communication is more important than ever. Looking to hire employees for your business? Do you want to communicate with investors online and convince them of the promise of your idea? A force majeure situation arises and you need to discuss it with your colleagues in an online meeting?

High-quality platforms to help you minimize risk at any stage of business development.

This video conferencing tool for companies has versions that contain everything you need for high-quality and comfortable video communication, but you can always choose more advantages. iMind is quickly gaining popularity all over the world, because its quality and various useful features could not pass the attention of businessmen, judging by their reviews.

The Main Reasons to Use Platform

The video conferencing tool is really multi-functional nowadays. Its undeniable advantage is the feature set and the ease of design that is not limited in use.

Although sometimes restrictions on some features are reasonable, people can choose the best solution for themselves and enjoy a service that is not overloaded with unnecessary features.

To make it more clear, here are the main options:

  1. Minimalist interface.

It should be arranged in nice colors and with decent details. The design of the buttons makes it easy to understand what function it corresponds to, so even an inexperienced user will have no trouble figuring out the specifics of the operation.

  1. HD video and audio.

The tool provides a signal that is not distorted on the other side. Eliminating background noise further improves communication.

  1. Variability of use in a browser or in an app.

Frees you from the hassle of determining compatibility features.

  1. Maximum conference duration of 24 hours.

The service ensures uninterrupted communication for as long as you need.

  1. Ability to record meetings.

The system stores your notes in a folder you can find on your account home page. They’re easy to review, rename, or share.

  1. Simultaneous Screen Display.

Multiple participants can use visual aids during simultaneous conversations – a great way to enhance learning or brainstorming.

  1. Create up to 10 conference rooms.

You can manage and delete your private rooms for free within that limit. A Pro subscription removes that limit.

  1. Invite participants within 100 people per meeting.

This is the lowest limit of all the plan options the platform provides. At each successive level, the maximum number of participants grows.

  1. Security benefits.

Several features are included here: data encryption, visual authentication, and the use of one-time codes for conference log in.

photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

Looking at this list, you can better understand why a video conferencing platform is called a multifunctional tool. It gives you a lot of leeway to take advantage of it while you work.

This kind of service is not new. Development has been going on for quite some time, and a big part of many of the improvements is customer feedback. Feedback helps us better understand what users need, and the creators take full advantage of this opportunity.

Users appreciate how easy it is to work with the tool and how smooth the communication is.

Thus, the iMind solution is fully compliant with today’s standards for video conferencing software. The only thing you have to do is try it out.

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