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Recipe: How to create a refreshing WATERMELON PYRAMID – includes adults only method


A note from Chef Schulz

A watermelon pyramid is a really refreshing and dramatic treat using a very popular fruit, the watermelon. Grab a juicy watermelon from your local grocery store, chop it up into chunks, build a plated pyramid with the chunks, drizzle lemon juice and lemon rind over the chunks, and there you have it, a treat that everyone will enjoy.

Now for the Adults Only Version, Just sprinkle the mixture with chilled Vodka and Viola, you will have an adults only favourite snack at your backyard get-together during the summer heat…but please be careful and eat the Adults Only Watermelon snack responsibly….enjoy!


•One watermelon
•Lemon juice

•Lemon rind 
•Honey (Optional)

For the Adults Only Version: 

• Add Vodka


•Take one watermelon and cut off the Rhine

•Cut watermelon into cubes (size to your liking)

•Place the watermelon cubes onto the plate and build a pyramid (circling the plate) 
•Sprinkle the lemon juice over the watermelon cubes

•Take a fresh lemon and scrape the yellow skin (rind) over the watermelon pyramid of watermelon cubes.

(Note; only use the yellow part of the lemon rind, the white will make the watermelon squares taste bitter)

•Squeeze the lemon juice over watermelon cubes. 

Directions For the Adults Only Version:

Note: if you prefer the adult version, first place the watermelon cubes with the drizzled lemon juice and lemon rind in the refrigerator for half an hour along with the vodka to chill them both. 

•After cooling in the refrigerator, just drizzle vodka over the water lemon juice and rind for a really refreshing snack. 

Another tasty recipe Chef Stephan Schulz

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