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Why remote-control blinds are proving to be more than just a luxury


Making your home luxurious is the new living for ease and comfort. With the new technologies advancing day by day, they not only make our life easy but also bring the touch of glamour and lushness much needed in today’s lifestyle. Why should your window coverings not have a touch of technology to make your life easier as well? With remote control blinds, they give you the ultimate solution to make your blinds operable with the simple touch of a button. Whether it is to tilt, open or close your blinds, a remote-control device comes in handy. Giving you the ultimate in convenience, Remote-Control Motorized Blinds are more than just luxury. Adding an upscale touch to your home, these blinds are sleek and easy to use and provide a lot of much needed functionality to the home.

Let’s look at some reasons that make motorized remote-control blinds more than just a luxury:

The Convenience of remote-control blinds

Pressed for time every morning before rushing to work to air your home? Motorized Blinds are the answer to save you time and energy in the morning. They can open automatically to wake you up in the morning, and be programmed to adjust themselves during the day. Motorized Blinds can be customized to any home, and can be added to any blind, horizontal or vertical. People with limited mobility find this very easy to use without the hassle of moving around the house. The convenience of motorization allows easy operation for the elderly, children, and those with physical disabilities. They also allow easy operation of high up or hard to reach windows.

Security of remote-control blinds

Operating multiple windows is always a challenge. But remotes makes it worth it, especially for large windows. A touch of a button does wonders for tall or out-of-reach windows. Pre-programming the blinds solves all your worries by discarding the need to run around opening or closing the blinds every day. Just pre-set the time and the blinds are operable on their own. A complete control over light and privacy just the way you like it, leaving no room for any errors. It is not just the convenience of ensuring your home gets proper lighting and ventilation. It can also enhance your security by making your home seem occupied when no one is there.


With the time slots set for every window, you can be relaxed on your privacy at home. Be assured that every blind will be operate at the right time at sunrise/sunset ensuring that prying eyes don’t get their fill.

Increase the value of your home

Increase the value of your home with hi tech and savvy technology at your fingertips. Improve the functionality by taking your home a step further by increasing its value in the market with the most popular home automation features.

Maximum light and safety

Remote control blinds are an ideal and convenient solution for homes with children and pets. No more long cords that are a total hazard for infants who can easily harm or strangle themselves on the cords.

Controlling them right

The power source is as critical to a blind as is the color or the pattern. Choosing the right source in making them move makes your life simple. Battery powered, solar powered and electric are the three options to source your blinds.

Battery powered

Very convenient to hide the tube behind a window treatment or a window frame. This source of power lends itself beautifully to any architectural wonder by not having any wires or cords dangling. Preserves your interior the way it is meant to be. Very convenient for people who do not want to be rushing every time to open the blinds. Parents with infants will find it amazingly convenient to operate the window dressings with just the push of a button. Or in case you are a couch potato, this is the perfect solution for you.

Solar Powered

Using free and consumable solar power is the most eco-friendly choice and highly recommended for sunny areas. With a sleek design, this option is best opted for windows getting direct sunlight. An ideal solution if you are looking to save on your electricity bill.

Electric or Plug in

With a steady source of power, this is a more reliable system than the battery-operated option. No heavy-duty installation is required for this option. The electric power source will have wires running around your windows which can disrupt your design flow.

Operate it your way

There are customized options in how you control the motorized windows, remote, wall switch and programmable timer. A smart phone app will help in combining most of these elements.


Remote controlling the blinds from anywhere in the room makes for an easy choice. Channels ranging from one and five channel are most common. The single channel option helps you control a single blind or a small group of windows easily. The five channel remote moves blinds in programmed groups or individually. You can use this in a room with multiple windows or across multiple rooms.  

Wall switch

It works like a simple light switch and is a great choice for bigger rooms.  A single switch can operate one blind or multiple blinds together.

Programmable timer

A timer is a perfect solution for your home if you travel frequently or are a working pair. With no remotes or wall installation required, the timer can be integrated with your smart phone. It can be timed to open the blinds at a set time or close them accordingly. They can be controlled through a voice-controlled assistant as well.

Motorized Blinds are more than just a luxury these days. Choose your blinds wisely that will brighten both your moods and homes in just the perfect manner. With the flexibility of options available, you can get the right remote control blind that fits your needs.

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