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Samantha Regimbal – Meet Montreal’s Girl Boss


Samantha Regimbal is living the life most of us only dream of: she’s turned her passions into a full-time career, including three companies that she owns, operates, and loves on a daily basis. Despite all of her achievements—by the young age of thirty—Samantha remains down-to-earth, approachable, and compassionate. We know because we had the pleasure to chat with her! Since she won’t brag about herself, we’re going to do it for her.

samantha-regimbal-2The first stepping stone to successful self-employment for Montreal’s Girl Boss started with a personal side gig. “I started making bath and body products at home with both of my sisters,” Samantha said. The sisters’ allergies were the main reason for their exploration into homemade, natural bath and body products. “I was [building this business] part-time while working full-time in what I thought was my career.” Samantha explained. The body product side gig, however, had different plans for Samantha’s future.

samantha-regimbal-3“My hobby turned into a small business on the side.” Samantha would work her day job, then stay up all night to build the presence of her bath and body products. Running on little sleep, she would return to work the next morning. “I had to make a decision three years ago to pursue my hobby full-time.” The result is Samantha’s successful body business, Sugar and Spice with Love. Sugar and Spice with Love provides beautifully fragrant body products for individuals with sensitive skin.

From there, Samantha realized that Sugar and Spice would need a solid marketing plan in order to really take off. The only possible route for Montreal’s Girl Boss would—of course—be the birth of her very own marketing company. Why hire outside when you’re your own Girl Boss? “[Marketing] is what my education and job experience was in,” Samantha explained. “Instead of paying someone to do my marketing, I wanted to create my own niche of local customers.”

samantha-regimbal-5Organically, What’s Up West-Island? became Samantha’s new pride and joy that carried Sugar and Spice with Love to local stardom: “I started it with the intention of meeting new customers. It wasn’t with the intention for it to turn into something big,” she said. “Once I launched it, it completely took off.” This is the general trend we noticed of Samantha’s passions-turned-businesses. Her dedication, perseverance, and genuine attitude are often rewarded with exponential growth.

samantha-regimbal-6This leads us to Samantha’s next feat: “I started an annual event called the Country Autumn Fair, within What’s Up West-Island? in order to meet customers, and put a face to the people I was talking to virtually.” The Country Autumn Fair also took off, bringing local vendors together with their community. This year’s 4th annual Country Fair attracted 12,000 attendees.

samantha-regimbal-2What’s Up West-Island? has turned into the online hotspot for a massive following of West Islanders. “It’s totally taken on a life of its own,” said Samantha. For now, What’s Up West-Island? can be found on Facebook, but a flashy new website is set to launch next month. The new website will include business directories, local events, and community gatherings to keep your eyes on each week.

Samantha’s success has always derived from genuine compassion for what she does, and who she does it with: “Everything has always been organic. In the beginning, all of the followers were people I had actually met.” Samantha’s businesses boomed by making her face known within the local community—whether that meant helping out at events, or personally seeking out business owners. “It really all stemmed from something organic and real.” In the case of What’s Up West-Island, Montreal trusts Samantha’s local, honest opinions.

samantha-regimbal-4Her next venture is a work in progress. “I started getting questions from everyone,” she said. Friends, business owners—basically anyone looking to start their own business turned to Samantha for support. “I completely believe in doing what you love to do, and following your passion to be happy,” she said. “I’ve helped a lot of people either start companies or strategize their marketing plans.” This is where the Bossy Babe comes into play.

The Bossy Babe, complemented by Samantha’s new Bossy Blog, will take on two girl bosses each month to coach them for one year as they learn the ropes of self-employment and entrepreneurship. The goal is for these Girl Bosses in Training to be able to quit their 9 to 5 jobs within a year of teaming up with Samantha

samantha-regimbal-5Aside from the coaching plans, Samantha’s YouTube channel is another milestone to jot into your calendar. Starting October 20, Samantha’s channel will be launched with the intention of motivating girl bosses everywhere to turn their passions into businesses. “I want to convey to people that they should absolutely follow their passion and dreams,” she said.

We’ve recapped Samantha’s business successes, but her blog, The Bossy Babe, gives a glimpse into her personal life and shares the values that drive her day-to-day. “Everything I do now didn’t start because I wanted to be an entrepreneur,” she said. “I started by doing things that I loved, and they turned into businesses.” Check out Samantha’s blog to learn more about what it takes to be Montreal’s favourite Girl Boss.

To contact Samantha email hello@thebossybabe.com



By: Jillian Clark


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