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Sekure Merchant Solutions donates $10 000 to the West Island Mission


Sekure Merchant Solutions, a local call centre with two locations in Montreal, recently donated $10 000 to the West Island Mission. This donation will be used to provide food and other necessities to the families that the West Island Mission cares for each week.

sekure-donations-7This type of act of kindness is not unusual of the local business. The owners themselves are the motivation behind the company’s employee donation. “The owners of our company discovered the West Island Mission in the spring of last year,” said Nastassia Steavu from Sekure Merchant Solutions. “They saw an article about the Mission, and they were very interested.” The article explained the Mission’s bare shelves at a time that many people do not think to donate.

sekure-donations-6West Island Mission typically receives hearty donations around the winter holiday season, but donations dip in the spring and summer. After reading the Mission’s plea, the owners of Sekure jumped at the chance to help. They organized a small donation initiative amongst their employees in the spring. “At our office, we gathered thirty boxes of food—canned goods, even clothes and games. We put it all together, and we dropped it off at the Mission,” said Steavu.

sekure-donations-5However, Sekure’s generosity does not end there. In September of each year, Sekure Merchant Solutions makes it their mission to personally help a local charity. At Sekure, September is known as “charity month.” The team organizes fun initiatives among the staff to raise money for the chosen charity of the year. “We play games and there are prizes, and so forth.” The goal, of course, is to raise as much money as possible for the foundation in question.

sekure-donations-4This year, Sekure Merchant Solutions chose the West Island Mission for their charity month. “We were able to come up with $10 000,” said Steavu. “A lot of that is from employees, from bake sales, and from other efforts all month. Our owners contributed a lot of money as well.” The owners, in fact, matched donations made by their employees. T-shirts for sale and fun contests are other activities Sekure organized throughout the month. The company worked together to get everyone involved in their yearly act of kindness. “It’s a great employee initiative.”

Sekure’s company donation will help the Mission continue to feed West Island families. “We were really happy to be able to give this donation to the charity,” said Steavu. “They were really happy.”

sekure-donations-3Jessie Victoria, Director of Human Resources at Sekure Merchant Solutions adds: “Giving back to the community is so important. We love getting together for a good cause. It’s fun and it really brings the staff together. You really get to see what your team is made of.”

Sekure Merchant Solutions encourages others to follow their lead to lend a hand at the West Island Mission wherever they can. The Mission accepts monetary donations, as well as non-perishable items. Contact the Mission to see where else you can help: “They always need volunteers,” said Steavu.


To find out how you can help, contact the West Island Mission at (514) 912-6813.

By: Jillian Clark – totimes.ca

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