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The @Frenzr Social Media workshop with Mariella Katz is coming to #Toronto!


Social Media Masterclass – Don’t worry, whatever you don’t know about making your social media profile shine Mariella Katz will teach you, in her Social Media Masterclass, #Toronto- Saturday, May 27th.

This interactive class is perfect for entrepreneurs, creatives and anyone else who wants to learn what good social media presence is all about.

Mariella Katz is your Frenzr

This social media maven is coming to T.O.

Mariella Katz, founder of the Montreal-based social media agency, Frenzr, will show you how to leverage your digital presence with hands-on instruction and exclusive content about best practices, shortcuts, scheduling, automation, and a lot more.

As a digital strategist for years, Mariella has worked her way up to being a true social media maven, and her masterclasses are becoming more popular in both Montreal and Toronto.

“We weren’t established in Toronto so the masterclass is kind of our soft launch expanding into the Toronto market.” Mariella explains, “I have given a lot of workshops in Montreal and what has come back to me as feedback is that people really like those workshops because they’re direct, to the point, and technical, but really easy for people to understand no matter what level. People started requesting these workshops in Toronto; I receive emails every week asking about whether the workshops are coming to Toronto, or if we offer them digitally.”

She says that although there are lots of companies who offer similar training, her masterclass is different.

“I started digging around a bit and found that there’s nowhere else that offers simple [hands-on] workshops that are social media and personal branding oriented. This is why I decided to do the workshop in Toronto.”

Digital Focus

She started her career in her teens, with a popular YouTube channel doing beauty tip videos. After studying Interactive Media and Advertising in college and university she landed a sweet job in an ad agency.

Hands-on training

“I hustled my way into an amazing job in an advertising agency.  At that time, it really was my dream job! Then about 6 months into that dream job I thought, ‘I hate this!’ I realized that there were so many cool, small brands that were worth so much more attention.”

Mariella began freelancing on weekends with small business clients, doing whatever she could to help them polish their digital presence without breaking the bank.

“I started freelancing like that, and in a matter of a few weeks, I quit my job at the agency. Then the word spread of what I was doing. I was freelancing and doing conferences, and 3 months later the agency started, we got an office and that’s how we’ve been rolling up to today.”

The Social 6ix

She’s now parlayed her social media prowess to include the popular masterclass workshops, and she hopes Torontonians will check out the one happening in the city at the end of the month.

Mariella works the workshop

“In terms of market specificity, Toronto is much bigger [than Montreal], so there’s a lot more good content, but there’s also a lot more not-so-good content. So the challenge for Torontonians would be how to stand out in all this noise of content. If you are a small to medium brand, if you are an influencer, a solopreneur, how do you manage to stand out in such a big market when it comes social media, and that’s what we’re teaching.  We teach the Montreal perspective in Montreal, and in Toronto, we teach the Toronto perspective; it’s harder for Torontonians to stand out, which is why this is a great workshop for Toronto.”

 Free Advice

Mariella offers up some solid tips  to pump up your digital profile:

  • “Stay authentic to your brand and your mission. Sometimes new business owners start looking at the competition, and start changing and switching it up, but then you might lose your direction and vision.”
  • “Do your digital research. How can you get the most visibility for free or for very little.  Whether it’s niche hashtags, Facebook entrepreneur groups where you can join and promote your content, LinkedIn groups; any way you can spread the word about your product or service. There are a lot of things you can do if you put in the time, and you’ll see your results.”
  • “Work on your personal brand. People like to see who’s behind the product or service. People relate much more to actual people than to brands. It’s easier to send a message.”

Mariella Katz is passionate about working with entrepreneurs like herself, who are focusing on navigating their way through the social media scene in the not-so-new digital landscape.

Join her in Toronto on Saturday, May 27th for her Social Media Masterclass  (92 Geary Ave, Studio A).

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