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How to Decorate Your Dorm Room and Not Get Evicted


When you first move into your new campus, it might look a little plain. Some students decide to leave it as it is, but others feel like they need to turn this space into their new home. Indeed, you will be attending college for four years, so your living arrangement should meet all your wants and needs. Some say that a cozy room can even improve your concentration!

Sometimes it’s good to shake things up a little bit. Not all colleges offer equally great living quarters for their residents. Some people might get a huge room that is filled with natural sunlight, and others get a small space with one bed and no windows. It’s really a gamble, but in any case, it’s most likely that your new room will be plain and boring.

You might even notice that you can’t concentrate and study in a poorly decorated space. You need to feel completely content with your surroundings to achieve maximum productivity. So, don’t hesitate to hire an easy essay writing service to free up some time for renovations. Expert writers will do your homework, and you can focus on the makeover.

So, are you thinking about renovating your living space? Here are some tips about decorating your dorm room without getting yourself evicted.

General Renovation Rules in Dorms

Of course, there is some limit to the things that you can do when it comes to decorating your space in the dormitory. Rules and regulations are created for a reason. The inability to comply with them can bring serious consequences, including your eviction. Let’s take a closer look at some tips that are just common sense.

  • Always check in with the school administration. When in doubt, it’s better to ask permission to do something in your living quarters. Usually, campus administration will be open to discussing your decorations.
  • Don’t touch anything critical to the living space, including load-bearing walls, pipes, and electrical wires. Your decoration shouldn’t be so drastic that it needs to break one of the walls!
  • Always mind other residents’ opinions, especially when you want to decorate a shared space. And who knows, maybe you can decorate together! Choose a service from an essay service reviews hub, delegate your homework, and start renovating. It’s a pretty rare thing that a college student lives alone, so you’ll find someone.

Tips on Decorating Your Dorm Room

Unfortunately, students are often limited by their budget and all kinds of regulations. It might seem that there isn’t much that you can do in such a small space. Don’t get discouraged! There are many strategies that can turn your boring studying room into a place that you can call home for four years.

Make a Gallery Wall With Photos

This is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a plain wall without anything on it. With some craft skills and a piece of duct tape, you can create a wall dedicated to the most precious memories! Instant-print photos look particularly cool, especially when they are hung on a string of colorful LED lights. Just make sure that the duct tape peels off easily when you move out.

Buy Some Plants

Your room will feel lively when you have a lot of green color in it. Potted plants add much comfort, even when you think you don’t care for them! Start with a small cactus or a succulent on your desk and see if you like it. Many learners worry that they won’t be able to take care of their plants properly. There are some hanging species that don’t need much at all:

  • spider plants;
  • golden pothos;
  • ZZ plant;
  • money trees.

Buy Cute LED Lighting

Even when your space seems small and uninviting, a couple of LED light bulbs or a garland can transform your room completely. Overhead lighting is usually the standard option for all college campuses. It’s not good for studying, so you definitely need to buy a desk lamp as a part of your decoration. Also, with battery-powered bulbs, you won’t get extra cords everywhere!

Use Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper for a Complete Renovation

This is a great trick when you want to change your living situation completely. Peel-and-stick wallpapers are relatively cheap, so you can cover all walls together or choose an accent wall in your room that will stand out. A huge plus of this wallpaper is that you can stick it on anything, including furniture, doors, walls, and even a ceiling.

Apply Your Organizational Skills

Messy cords under your desk or in the corner of your room can make the space look very untidy. You’ll be surprised how much more relaxed you feel in mess-free surroundings. Just tape the cords to the underside of the desk so that they don’t lie around anymore.

To Sum Up

Now you know how you can get some life into your dorm without getting evicted! Don’t be afraid to add some soul into your space. This will be your place to rest, study, and party for the next few years. Students need to feel comfortable to get the most out of their college experience.

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