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The 5 Dos and Don’ts of Taking a Sick Day


Taking a sick day? A lot of people have mixed feelings and misunderstandings about what a sick day actually is, and how they’re supposed to use it. This is admittedly a sore spot with many companies. But it’s also a source of stress for employees. On one hand, if you’re sick, it stands to reason that you should use a sick day and stay home. That’s what they’re for, after all… right?

With that being said, the lines do get kind of blurry, and there’s a lot of grey area in this question.

For example, how sick do you need to be before you should consider using a sick day?

Should you still try to show up to work even if you’re sick? Or would that actually be worse for the company than if you didn’t come in at all?

These are great questions.

And in this blog post, we’re going to dive into them head first.

Let’s talk about the five do’s and don’ts of taking a sick day.

1. Do Take A Sick Day If You Don’t Feel Good Enough To Work

If you’re just showing up to work to draw your paycheck, despite the fact that you’ll be laid out sick and sleeping on your desk with a fever and a migraine, then you’re probably going to be better off just staying home.

Granted, your job will probably miss your presence.

But it’s more ethical to stay at home if you’re too sick to work than it is to show up if you can’t actually perform your duties.

Your company should respect this and give you the sick time you need to properly heal and recover.

Pro Tip: Did you know that cannabis can get rid of migraines? It’s true!

2. Do Take A Sick Day If You May Be Contagious

This is especially important in a post COVID world.

If you believe that you may have something contagious that you can spread to others, it’s always a better idea to stay home—or to at least contact management and let them know about the issue.

It can be tempting to still want to go to work if you feel capable of working.

However, with a low-grade fever and/or a stuffy chest, it’s just really hard to tell if you’re suffering from allergies or if you actually may have something developing that could potentially be spread to others.

3. Do Go Through The Proper Channels To Alert Management

Some employees make the mistake of not calling in sick when they actually get sick.

Some employees also make the mistake of only telling their co-workers when they don’t come to work.

However, these activities can definitely get you into trouble.

It’s really important to go through the proper channels to make sure management knows about your absence.

This will help to cover you and keep you from getting in trouble for taking a legitimate sick day.

4. Don’t Take A Sick Day If You’re Not Sick

If you’re not sick, it’s always a better idea to take a personal day instead of a sick day.

As an employee, you’re expected to behave with a certain amount of integrity.

Not only is this good for the company, but it’s good for your reputation.

If you fail to uphold this integrity, it could jeopardize your standing with the company.

5. Don’t Stop Keeping In Contact With Your Manager

It’s really important that you maintain a dialogue with management if you do end up calling in sick.

Some employees get the sense that calling in sick basically means that they get a mini free vacation.

Well, you can think about it like this.

But if you do, you’re much less likely to be thought of as a serious employee and/or as a serious consideration for things like pay raises, advancement, etc.

It’s a much better idea to keep a constant dialogue open with management about when you may be able to return to fulfill your duties.


There you have it. The five do’s and don’ts of taking a sick day. Hopefully, this post has helped you to understand some of the crucial sick day functions that can help to keep you out of trouble and in the clear at your job.

Stay safe and well out there!

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