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The most common brake problems that should be addressed immediately


Problems with the braking system can be nerve-racking. More so if you don’t know their cause. Continuing to drive with problematic brakes can subject you to anxiety and fear while putting the safety of many lives at threat. For this very reason, routine brake servicing and maintenance is overemphasized. Have a look at the most common brake problems below.

But most times, we tend to overlook the importance of routine servicing and maintenance, and our vehicle keeps crying out for help. Sudden brake failure, over-expensive replacements and repair, and even accidents occur as a consequence of our negligence. As mentioned here https://www.goldsteinlaw.com/motorcycle-accidents/, if regular maintenance is ignored, the rate of accidents substantially rises. Thus, it becomes crucial to seek help from a personal injury attorney.

While staying proactive with maintenance and repair is the best option to avoid these consequences, addressing the problem immediately also helps.

Here we have listed the most common problems with the braking system that should be addressed immediately.

  • Metallic squeal when driving

If you hear a sharp noise that stops as soon as you apply brakes, the brake pads need attention. Brake pads are made of steel. When they rub against brake rotors, they give out a metallic squeal.

It indicates the wear of brake pads. If you keep ignoring this issue, your rotors will damage next, making it a costly affair.

  • Squealing or vibration when braking

Another common problem with the braking system is squealing, vibration, or shaking in the steering on the application of brakes.

When you place your foot on the pedal to stop your car, the pads clasp the rotor to slow down the vehicle. But due to wear and tear from heat, the function is hindered. The piston stops retracting the brake pads to their off position when you take your feet off the pedal.

Any problem in this mechanism can cause squealing or vibration when braking.

  • Visible fluid leak

If your brake pedals are too soft, get the braking system checked. The technician will prevent fluid leaks from the master cylinder or any other component of the brake framework.

The Master cylinder is responsible for creating a force for the brakes. It has a tank that stores brake fluid. The fluid travels through thin piping and creates hydraulic weight when you apply the brakes. If this fluid is leaking, the force wouldn’t be enough to make the brake pads embrace the rotors.

  • Car tugging to one direction when braking

Your car tugs to one side when braking if there is an issue with the brake hose or caliper. It could happen if your front brake caliper is applying more pressure than the rear brake caliper while braking, or vice versa. It results in the lop siding of your car in a direction.

  • A burning smell on the application of brakes

If you often smell a pungent smell on repeated hard braking, it indicates overheating of brakes or calipers.

In this case, pull over and check the parking brake of your car to ensure that it is released. Let your brakes cool.

The most common brake problems

If you continue to drive, the brake fluid will heat up to its boiling point leading to brake failure. Also, if you see smoke coming out from a wheel, it could be due to a stuck caliper.

Get the system repaired as soon as possible or find a new caliper replacement in case of severe damage.

  • Grinding sound on braking

A grinding sound on braking is indicative of several things. It could be due to a stone or gravel trapped in the caliper unit. Worn-out brake pads also cause a grinding sound when metal clanks on metal. Lack of lubrication and lack of proper brake servicing can also be blamed.

The bottom line

The parts of the braking system come with a shelf-life. Getting them repaired or replaced as per the need safeguards your car and your safety. If your vehicle hints towards any issue with the braking system, address it immediately.

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