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The most popular online casino gambling


Gambling is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Among all the games currently available on the internet, the following are the most popular and sought-after.                   

Slot machines

Slot machines are an integral part of any online casino. There is a wide range of themes, from ancient Egypt to a movie about dinosaurs. All modern slot machines can be divided into:

  • three-reel slots;
  • five-reel slots;
  • progressive slot;
  • free slot.

During a game, the reels spin, and after stopping, various combinations of pictures can be produced, of which only those where the same pictures are in the same row win. All such winning combinations are usually listed in a special pay table. 


If slot machines are commonly considered a symbol of any casino, roulette is rightly called one of the oldest gambling games. today there are several varieties of roulette online Vulkanbet, including:

  • French;
  • American;
  • European.

In all of these games, the user needs to place their bet on one of the 36 red and black sectors, as well as the 37th green sector, which signifies zero or “zero”. However, in the case of American Roulette, there are two zeros.


Poker is by far the most famous game in the world, especially Texas Hold’em. This game was played at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas to determine the winner.

According to bookmaker Vulkan Bet, there are many tournaments held on this card game. The cardinal rule of poker is ‘you can learn in a moment, but you can improve in a lifetime’. poker is divided into two main types.

Online poker vs casino poker

When the opponent is no longer a player but a casino, the rules change. In such live online casino games there is no room for bluffing, as the dealer follows a known pattern. The best known representative of the poker game is Oasis Stud Poker and Casino Texas Holdem Poker.

Poker among gamblers

Even before the advent of casinos, gamblers were betting against each other. This type of poker was not only played in casinos, but also in private clubs. World famous representatives of this type of poker are

  • Texas Hold’em Poker;
  • Omaha poker.


Blackjack is one of three casino classics: Roulette, Poker and Blackjack. The main aim of the game is to accumulate a maximum of 21 points on your cards, but no more than that. If the dealer has more than 21 points, you automatically win.


The lottery is a classic example of a game where the outcome is entirely up to chance and the player can only rely on luck. This is what attracts many people to play the lottery.

The cost of a ticket or entry fee is often affordable for everyone, and the game does not require any special skills. Jackpot amounts often run into the thousands and even millions. EuroMillions has the biggest jackpot ever won – €185 million. An average jackpot has the size of €48 million.

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