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The Trust and The Truth


Halloween is here.  Party weekend.  Dress up.  Monday night ‘trick or treat’.  The fun begins. Whether you read this now or later in the week, whether you actually do dress up, paint your face, become someone or something on Halloween, this article applies to all of us, all year long.  All the time.

We use cosmetic products on our bodies, daily.  Halloween merely requires excess.  Our concern is to avoid the toxins as much as possible.  A few years ago I wrote this poem, ‘The Trust and The Truth’.  We received great feedback and I thought I would share it again as many of us are about to embark on transformations that may enter a spooky realm.  Whether we transform ourselves daily, or only on Halloween, we need to be aware of the journey.



orange-lTHE TRUST

Clean with soap,

Shampoo the hair,

Lotion the bod,

Talc with care,

Polish the teeth,

Gargle and spit,

Spray the hair,

Cream a bit

Foundation first,

Apply the blush,

Redden the lips,

Looking lush!

Shadow the eyes,

Lengthen the lash,

Line the mouth,

A perfume splash

The final touch,

SPF in tow,

No sun for me,

The fatal foe




Soap with PH 9

and Cocoamide DEA.

Sprinkle on a little asbestos.

Petroleum the body to moisturize

Polish teeth with saccharin and more petroleum

Rinse the mouth with toxic alcohols.

Coat hair with PVP¹s

Paraben and propylene glycol to moisturize

Lather on the paraben and glycol again as a cover up

Highlight the cheeks with FD&C Red #3

Paraffin and benzo the lips

Feeling deadly yet?

Toxify with Iron Oxide to color the eyelids

PVP the eyelash along with the all the bacteria

that hangs out in the mascara.

Ethylhexyl acrylate to outline the lips with more carcinogens

Add a spritz of toxic scent toluene and benzaldelhyde

Add the pièce de résistance for the final touch: Padimate O and BNPD

preservative in the sunscreen, creating a carcinogen with a wild name:


Mumbo Jumbo ..I am now a toxic bath of cosmetic pleasures.


newspaper_02BIf you have not seriously thought about the toxic baths we indulge in daily, it is time.  When you realize what might be absorbed into your skin, it makes for a very scary place.  Maybe more scary than actually seeing a ghost!

People are asking questions, reading labels, searching the web, and questioning what it is they are putting onto their bodies.   This is a good thing.

We can all be vigilant as to what we choose.  Read, research and care what we consume, both internally and externally, because the external can become the internal. This Halloween, and after, know and trust what you paint onto your skin.  Learn the truth.

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By Martha Shannon


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