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Things you need to know about media and entertainment business insurance


Entertainment and media are some of the fastest-growing industries. Media and entertainment Business insurance is the coverage of every aspect of the industry. For media and entertainment events, expensive equipment and the team is required. No matter whatever the event is, you have to take your electronic equipment to it. Therefore, it is important for media and entertainment companies to ensure their equipment, employees and even any other liability is covered. The industry should ensure all workers and creators are also protected against the potential risks.

If you are still confused that what is media and entertainment insurance is? In simple words, it refers to the collection of policies covering every aspect of both industries. The policy different types can include production insurance, staff insurance, event insurance or touring insurance. The insurance holder may only pay for the needs he/she wanted to be covered under the policy rather than paying for every type of media and entertainment insurance.  

Benefits of media and entertainment Business insurance

Media and entertainment insurance is beneficial as it covers risk in all manners. As high production cost is involved, it is important that any company working has adequate coverage of its equipment and staff. For instance, if a vanity van or tour bus is crashed or stolen equipped with electronic equipment can cost you almost tens of thousands of dollars. Well, the coverage is flexible, you can only opt for the ventures you need to pay for. There are various names available in the market, you can get exciting benefits from Toronto business insurance.

Protection from Liability 

All types of media and entertainment insurance policies provides liability coverage. In case of any accident, medical expenses, settlements or attorney fee, all will be covered by the policy. However, the liability protection does not cover only your staff, but employees of other companies and even contractors.

  • Shield from copyright claims and libel

If you are part of the media and entertainment industry, libel claims and copyright infringement is natural. Most of the claims are settled out of the court, whereas for complex cases, formal and lengthy legal defence processes are needed. A hundred thousand of dollars are needed every year in the name of copyright claims. In case of copyright or libel claim, the insurance company cover the settlements and fees.

  • Risk mitigation

Insurance is a powerful weapon for any business to mitigate unforeseen risks that it can face during any event. Media and entertainment businesses are all about events. If you own an insurance policy, it will cover the financial risks you can incur by organizing an event. Choosing the right type of insurance coverage will protect you from damages and liabilities in case of any incident.

  • Protection from legal costs

Sometimes, the legal cost of copyright claims and accidents can be out of control. In case of a serious accident causing injuries, legal costs can be huge. Media and entertainment insurance covers all types of legal costs (to a certain limit).

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