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This Cyber 2022: Cybersecurity mediocrity to excellence


2022 is set to be another year in the infinite storybook of cyber security. Every cyber citizen should ask themselves how they will fit into this exciting story.

As the web advances, cyber threats and many new types of hacking methods are increasing and advancing in tandem. For that reason, when it relates to cyber security awareness and know-how, mediocrity is by far insufficient and a dangerous state to be in.

Make this 2022 the year you will make a smooth transition from a mediocre cyber security state to a state of excellence that will inspire your friends, family, work peers and community.

This article will look into some of the steps you can take towards cyber security mediocrity.


First step to step away from cybersecurity mediocrity

As a first step to step away from cyber security mediocrity, you should download a free trial of a cyber security suite to ensure that a comprehensive solution is in place as you are stepping up your  web security game.

Look for free trials from reputable, experienced cyber security antivirus anti malware companies with a proven track record and many positive long-time customer testimonials.

Free trials typically are no longer than a month, but in reality, a focused week of product evaluation should suffice. Not only will you assess all the product’s features, UX – User Experience, including online help such as training, glossary, blogs, and other company-curated content for potential personal use. This is a very leveraged effort as it will enable you to learn much more about cyber security.

You should also assess any additional offerings such as browser-level add-ons and a VPN solution that will take you to the next step closer to cyber security excellence.

Cybersecurity Knowledge Resources

The next step in your ambitious journey to reach cyber security excellence is gaining knowledge. Knowledge fuels your awareness which is another key ingredient in your journey and ongoing cyber security success.

Typically reputable cyber security firms providing personal and business solutions such as real-time malware threat detection, web browser add-ons, and VPN solutions have built sizeable online knowledge resources such as blogs, a glossary, learning center, podcast and even a threat center covering major knowledge categories.

Leveraging those resources would be a great start as a good amount of knowledge will be in one place.

As you gain knowledge of specific types of threats, it is good idea to search for related keywords online and look for other sources of knowledge and articles from high-ranking sites.

Social Engineering – Mind Hacking

Often hackers will use manipulative psychological techniques to gain access to networks easily, simply by just gaining someone’s trust or hacking their trust for lack of a better word. Learning about this is key in your journey to reach cyber security excellence.

A Cybersecurity Layered Lens

Looking at cyber security from a layered lens will help you better understand the various concepts.

In simple terms, regardless of what platform or purpose cyberspace is used for, the web is always data that travels from one point to another.

Cyberthreats could be at any point in that process; even when the data travels via several routers, the attack could occur at the router level.

As a regular cyber citizen, your primary focus should be your home and possibly business network and their respective endpoint devices such as laptops, desktops and tablets, IoT devices and networking gear such as your home router and WiFi access point.

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