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Three reasons why you need professional SEO support


Due to increased competition, more and more businesses shift their attention towards search engine optimization. This is not surprising, considering that Google is the primary source of information for many people, plus the ROI benefits of SEO. However, with an increasing competition in the field, you need experts like Sasha Matviienko & his team of SEO Strategists to beat the competition online.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by trusting your SEO to an inexperienced specialist. If you are not certain if you should try and do SEO yourself or call an expert, consider the following.

It’s More Than Just Keywords

SEO can be complex. There is over 200 ranking factors involved in finding the best answer to a user’s question. This involves site experience, the content itself, backlinks, and more! With limited budget and (most likely) time, you need to know what to focus on to get the results you need.

You can absolutely do it yourself, but it can take years to get up to speed.

It’s Not Just SEO

Getting a user to your website is only half the job. You also need consumers to click on your listing and convert into a Lead. That’s where Conversion Optimization services also get involved. Avoid getting into a scenario where you get lots of impressions but no clicks or leads. This is one of the main reasons to call an expert – you want to get it right.

Working on the User Experience

Yes, Google accounts for that too! Good or bad user experience is tracked by Google based on how much time user spend on your landing pages, how many bounce and return back to Search Results, and other factors. This way, even if you made it to position one, Google will be watching for consumer behaviour signals to understand if users find your website helpful.

In other words, getting to the first position in Google and staying there are different tasks, and SEO experts are best suited to help you build rapport with the users and remain on top of page one.

It’s Constantly Changing

Chances are, things you know about how Google works, are yesterday’s news. This can be dangerous as you may be putting your time, money and effort into something that does not work anymore. In some cases, this may lead to worsening of your current performance, for example, your pages may be displayed at the bottom of page one. This is a bad result, since ~70% of all clicks go to the first 3 results on the first page on Google.

Think about it, when you pay an SEO service company, you pay for expertise. You can definitely learn and do SEO yourself, but chances are you can’t spend time on learning every skill out there instead of hiring professionals who have years of experience helping businesses like yours and others. There is a saying that you don’t always pay for time, sometimes you simply pay for knowledge. This is definitely the case with SEO, as many of the tasks are not hard to do, but you need to do them right.

by Sasha Matviienko

Photo by Myriam Jessier on Unsplash

About the Author: A man of ideas, creativity and data-based precision. With 10 years of Digital Marketing, Analytics and Conversion Optimization expertise Sasha leads Digital Marketing team at growth360. Sasha puts his skills to work daily helping clients of all shapes and sizes from pre-revenue startups, and local businesses to Fortune 100 brands use data to find best revenue-driving solutions for their business online.

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