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Tips and tricks for pest control at your home


Pests are the last thing anyone would want in their house. Mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, termites and rodents are not only dangerous and damage the property but are also capable of spreading severe infections. Thus, gaining control over them is very important.

Calling in an expert pest control service is certainly one of the best ways to do so. However, there are some simple and effective tips and tricks that you can put to use as well. Also, these tips can be used for ensuring that if you have very limited pests in the house, that they do not increase in number.

Tips to gain pest control at home

Let’s try to stop pests from entering our premises, shall we? Prevention is always better than treatment!

  1. Keep you Bathroom and Kitchen Clean:

These two areas are the major source of pests to generate from. Thus, investing some little time and effort into cleaning them is very crucial. Keep your kitchen counters, racks, cabinets and stove tops clean all the time. Make sure that you take the garbage out regularly. Also use a disinfectant cleaner on your surfaces.

Secondly, clean and dry bathrooms are important. Use a good toilet cleaner everyday and make sure that the toilet pot is cleaned on a daily basis. Wash the sink at least twice every week and if you are doing it every other day, then it is best. Cleanliness is one of the key ways to stop pest infestation.

  1. Don’t let Water Stand:

Mosquitoes breed in areas where watering is standing. Thus, always keep the area around your house clean and clear from water. Also keep the drains outside your house clean. Dirty water in the drain that starts standing attracts mosquitoes a lot. Therefore, you must always keep it clear.

  1. Take the Garbage out Daily:

Garbage disposal is the key to keeping pests away from your home. Pests, be they of any type, are largely magnetized towards dirt and garbage. They look for it, to feed on it. Thus, taking out garbage daily can play a huge role in gaining pest control within your home.

Make sure that your kitchen is clear of garbage. Clean the bins daily. Also keep your bathroom bins clean and empty too.

  1. Get Nets Fixed on Windows:

Nets are extremely helpful in keeping ants, mosquitoes and flies out from your home. Getting them fixed on your windows will make a huge difference. Nets are not only helpful in keeping optimal ventilation in the house but are also stated to be an effective method for pest control and prevention.

Furthermore, if any windows are broken, even slightly, make sure to get them fixed right away. It becomes a passageway for pests to enter the house.

  1. Call in the Professionals:

If pest control is out of your hands, it is best to call in an expert team to clear your house. They utilize special methods and practices, to get rid of pests for good. However, after they are done with their task, it is your duty to utilize the above mentioned tips and prevent pests from infesting your house all over again.


Pest control is very important if they have infested your home. It is always best to prevent them from entering your premises but if they have; it is best to call in professional services to get rid of them. However, using the above mentioned tops can be extremely helpful in prevention of pests and can help you gain control over them too.

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