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Tips that will make your basement renovation easier


The basement has served as little more than random storage space for years. That’s about to change. You want to convert it into functional living space. That will mean making plans for a

Hamilton basement renovation. As you prepare for the project, put these four tips to good use.

Empty the Space

Shoving everything to one end of the basement is not enough. In order to have a good idea of what must be done to renovate the space, it needs to be empty. If you try to work around what’s currently stored in the basement, the potential to overlook something important is real.

See this as an opportunity to get rid of things that you haven’t touched in years. Have a yard sale or invite friends to drop by and grab anything that they like. Items that are suitable for resale can also be donated to a local charity shop. Along with being able to evaluate the state of the basement, you also get rid of things that you will never use again.

Have It Inspected by a Professional

While you can see some of what needs to be done, there may be other details that escape your notice. It’s not because your an unobservant person; the fact is that you only know so much about how a renovation is done.

After cleaning out the space and making notes of what you do see, have a professional come in and take a look. That will make it easier to identify any structural issues that it might be hard for you to detect. The results of the inspection will provide a better idea of what it will take to transform the space.

Decide how you will use the space

While you already know that the goal is to make the basement into living space, how do you envision it being used? There are all sorts of things that can be done with a finished basement. It could become a guest suite that’s perfect for weekend visitors. The basement could also be transformed into a den, a game room, or a craft room. It’s all up to you.

Why do you need to identify a use or maybe a couple of uses for the space? It will be easier to determine what sort of electrical or plumbing work needs to be part of the renovation. It’s also a good time for you to decide what to do with the flooring and the walls. Even if you’re still mulling over two or three possibilities, they can provide clues about what needs to be added or changed.

Hire Professionals to Manage the Renovation

Now that you’ve come this far, it’s time to bring in professionals who can handle the specifics of the project. Professionals who know all about a Newmarket basements renovation and how to organize the essential tasks will reduce the risk of wasting time and resources. Once you see how well everything goes, you’ll know that reigning in your DIY impulses and saving them for other projects was the right thing to do.

What’s your basement like today? Would you like to convert it into space that serves a purpose other than storage? Start making plans today, up to and including hiring a contractor who has experience in renovating basements. In just a month or so, you’ll have more space to enjoy.

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