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Top bathroom renovation tips


Bathrooms face a lot of wear and tear. Renovating them from time to time is essential to keeping them in tip-top condition and ensuring that they look good.

Alongside kitchens, bathrooms are one of the most commonly renovated rooms in houses. It can be a great way to add a new sheen to houses, either to add resale value or simply to make for a more pleasant living environment. With the right approach, bathrooms can be fun and easy to renovate. It involves a good plan, realistic budgeting and making the most from the available space.

Working with every inch of available space

In many properties, the reality is that space is extremely tight. To get round this, it is important to use every inch of space possible. But with a little hidden thought and planning, every recess and oddly-shaped corner can be used.

Building in some bathroom essentials is a great way of making use of those otherwise redundant corners. Soap trays, medical cupboards and toilet roll holders can be great fillers for those spaces.

For rooms with a lower ceiling, consider replacing hanging lights with recessed lights or LED spotlights. This has double benefits. First, it can create a brighter, fresher, less shadowy look across the whole room. Second, the lack of hanging ceiling lights can make the space look bigger and more open.

There are also other tricks to play to make bathrooms look bigger. Keep wall and ceiling colours light. To maximize the effect it is also sensible to keep fixtures such as the bathtub, toilet and sink white or neutral colours.

Mirrors are another easy way of making a space look much larger than it is. Adding a new dimension to the room is easily achieved with some well-placed mirrors. More than one mirror works especially well to amplify the effect of more space than there actually is.

Getting the lighting right

Lighting is an important aspect of bathrooms. It is not only good for aesthetics, it is useful for looking at hair and faces in the mirror. Having lighting concentrated from only one source can make this more difficult than necessary.

Introducing some well-placed lighting around a mirror or down lighting from LEDs can make for a much brighter bathroom experience. That said, a dimmer switch can also be a nice touch to turn down the light for late evening relaxing baths.

Don’t be afraid to vent

Making some renovations to a bathroom is the perfect time to assess the ventilation in the room. One of the main reasons bathrooms need renovating in the first place is a lack of it. Insufficient ventilation leads to excess damp which causes mould. This can be incredibly difficult to remove from tiles and grout, and quickly make a bathroom look shabby.

Even if there is no window or a very small one, there are other alternatives. Resizing the window can be one option. Alternatively, consider exhaust fans to remove excessive moisture from the room. Different specifications are available that balance exhaust capacity with noise emissions.

Hit the floor

Although flooring can be expensive to replace, it can be a sound long-term investment. And in the case of bathrooms, the most expensive option may not actually be the best. Solid wood flooring can look stunning in wet rooms and create a unique relaxing character. But the reality is that it has practical disadvantages in bathrooms. Due to the amount of moisture it retains, mould and damp can quickly build up to cause a health hazard and even rotting.

More practical alternatives for bathroom flooring include ceramic tiles, vinyl plank or tiles, or even sheet flooring.

Apply the finish

Good bathroom renovations should not stop with the fixtures, walls and floor. Simple touches such as some well-placed plants can make all the difference.

Some freestanding finishes can also help add character to a bathroom. While they may be a more natural fit in lounges or bedrooms, pieces such as antique chairs or small tables can add another dimension of charm to a bathroom. If space is at a premium, a small chair can also serve as a store for freshly folded towels. A small matching box can also be stored underneath for smaller items such as soaps and bath accessories.

Incorporating some tasteful wall decorations can also add some subtle style to a bathroom renovation. A few well-placed hooks can also add valuable storage space on the back of doors or in otherwise useless alcoves.

Remember it is a wet room

For all the style and elegance that can be applied to bathrooms with tastefully done renovations, homeowners should not forget that bathrooms are primarily a wet room. This means there needs to be a balance between style and practicality in any bathroom overhaul. Forgetting this could mean expensive alterations later down the line if paint becomes wet and cracked, or mould develops.

Protecting the lower portion of the bathroom walls is a solid way to guard against this. Beadboard looks good and can be integrated into the overall design of the room. Furthermore it is also fairly simple to install.

Solutions such as beadboard provide the perfect solution to protect the lower walls from splashing from getting out of the bath or shower. Using oil-based paint is also advisable in order to make it impenetrable to moisture. This adds to its longevity and reduces the chances of black mould developing.

Depending on the shape and layout of the room, a few rows of tiles can also be used as an alternative to beadboard. Tiles are also highly versatile and can be adapted to fit smoothly with the theme of the bathroom.

Bathroom renovations can make a huge difference to the ambience of a property. Keeping a consistent theme across the different bathrooms can be effective, or giving a theme to each room can add a nice touch of character. A well-reputed bathroom renovation company can use their experience to advice customers on the best designs for all shapes or sizes of bathroom.

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