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Toronto hosted Jack Summit – Jack.org transforms the way we think of mental health


Jack Summit – When it comes to mental health among youth Jack.org is talking from experience. In 2010 first year Queen’s university student Jack Windeler unexpectedly died by suicide. From that tragedy his family started Jack.org, Canada’s only national network of young leaders transforming the way we think of mental health.

Jack.org helps youth in schools and communities break the silence and the stigma that have always been linked with discussions about mental health. Through initiatives, programs, and talks Jack.org is designed for young people by young people with the simple goal of saving and improving lives.

Jack Summit in Toronto with founder Eric Windeler

In schools all over Canada trained youth speakers are brought in for talks to share tips, tools and experiences in order to help shift, enlighten and destigmatize the way other young people think of mental health. For a list of schools, colleges and universities near you check out the list here.

As well there’s Jack Summit, the national student-led conference held each year in Toronto. The most recent summit was held on March 17th-19th at innovation hub MaRS Discovery District, with over 200 student leaders from across Canada collaborating, building and planning new ways to transform the way we think of mental health.

Jack Summit Collaboration

With local Jack.org chapters and talks, regional summits and programs all over Canada mental health is finally being opened up for discussion among all young people. With this generation raised on social media, texting and the internet there had to be a new and innovative way to reach out to youth struggling with mental health awareness and stigma, and Jack.org is blazing a trail on the right path.

By: Tanya Paoli – totimes.ca

Jack Summit Class picture

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