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Use this new technology to get an edge against rival restaurants


Restaurant customers flock to restaurants for different reasons: perhaps there’s a new trendy food they need to try, social media is all abuzz with reviews too glowing to ignore, or the restaurant has been a neighbourhood staple serving delicious food for years. There are several ways to bring in new business that have to do with the food itself, but behind the scenes the restaurant industry resembles other businesses —efficiency and actionable intelligence are a prerequisite to running an effective operation.

New employee scheduling software delivers both in bunches. That’s why so many Millennial-aged restaurant owners across North America are turning to this new technology. Read on to learn more about how it works.

Get an Edge Against Rival Restaurants

Perfect Schedules in Way Less Time

Adding efficiency to your restaurant is all about making improvements to as many processes as possible, for a major cumulative effect. When you get restaurant scheduling software you can rely on the benefits will be direct and immediate — industry leaders can reduce labor costs by up to 3%.

That’s because it makes schedules that are not only perfect, but take up to 80% less time than it would otherwise take. This software frees up your staff to spend time at work where they’re most useful, usually serving customers or preparing food.

Manager-Facing Dashboards

Every executive knows that it’s essential to have data on all aspects of a business, and employee scheduling software provides this and presents it in a way that is digestible and easy to compare against past data. Out of the box stats you can track include things like labor costs, total sales, labor as a percentage, weather, and more.

The software can be customized so you can track stats of unique importance to your restaurant. The software is cloud-based, meaning the logs get updated in real time, and managers get an email when a new entry has been completed. Basing it all on the cloud also means that the information is always accessible and cannot be lost.

Modern Connections on the Go

Restaurants now have modern custom technology worthy of today’s tech world, characterized by pocket-sized devices which connect us to people anywhere in the world. Gone are the inefficient days when staff have to physically be at the restaurant to tell their managers when they can and can’t work.


Now, they can submit their work availability and request days off on the go through the app. Managers can approve of them through the software, making the whole process way less time consuming and less of a hassle. Now your manager will be confident that the restaurant is fully staffed sooner in advance.


Restaurants are smart to use age-old recipes that have been handed down for generations where possible, but now there’s modern technology specifically designed to help them run their operations. When you cook delicious food anduse the latest tools to find new ways to operate efficiently, you give your restaurant the best chance of success.

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