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What are the consequences of a sexual assault conviction?


An accusation of sexual assault is nothing to take lightly. One of the first things you should do upon finding out about the charge is to contact one of the sexual assault lawyers in the area and prepare to mount a defence. Should you be found guilty, there are consequences that will impact the rest of your life. Here are some examples.

Time Spent in Jail

Depending on the specifics of the crime and other information that the court can take into consideration, it’s possible that you may received a fine plus spend as little as six months in jail. There’s also the possibility that the circumstances may warrant a life sentence with no potential for parole until you serve 25 years. There are also provisions that would allow the judge to impose prison time of anywhere between 10 and 14 years.

During that time, life as you know it will no longer exist. Even after you serve the sentence and possibly remain on parole for a time, some of your relationships will be lost. You may also find yourself without employment or a place to live. That will mean attempting to rebuild your life while also dealing with the ongoing realization that you will be known as a sex offender for the rest of your life.

Registration in the National Sex Offender Registry

A conviction means that your name will be added to the National Sex Offender Registry. That registry can be searched by law enforcement, potential employers, and even by prospective landlords. The fact that your name is in the registry will likely close a lot of doors in terms of finding a way to support yourself and where you will be allowed to rent a place to live. You will also find yourself unable to own property in some areas.

Restrictions on travel within and outside the country

The specifics of the crime and subsequent conviction could mean that your ability to travel is severely limited. Traveling outside of your home province may require obtaining permission from your probation officer. Even after probation, you may find it difficult to enjoy entry into some provinces. When it comes to traveling to destinations outside the country, there may also be complications. Under the best of circumstances, any travel plans you make will be more troublesome to arrange.

Mandatory collection of DNA

Just as you can expect for your name to be added to the National Sex Offender Registry, your DNA will be collected and maintained in a database. From this time forward, it’s possible for law enforcement to check your DNA against evidence in other sexual assault cases. It’s also possible that your DNA would be checked against evidence left at other types of crime sites, including murders or robberies.

If you’ve been accused of sexual assault, now is the time to retain legal representation. Choosing to obtain assistance with criminal matters from MassTsang criminal law firm ensures that yo have someone on your side who will use every legal means to ensure your rights are protected during the proceedings. I the best case scenario, you will be proven innocent and be able to move on with your life.

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