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What Is Comprehensive Auto Insurance?


If you’re looking for car insurance, you might ask yourself if you ought to have comprehensive coverage in your policy. Alternatively, you may have just financed a vehicle and your car loan provider wants you to obtain it.

Several questions are popping up in your head as to what to do. In this article, we will focus more on why comprehensive insurance is good insurance coverage, its benefits, and what it provides.

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What is Comprehensive Insurance?

Comprehensive insurance will give you peace of mind by helping to cover auto repairs or replacements caused by a non-collision incident that doesn’t concern or involve another car driver.

Most times when you finance or lease a car, your lender will insist that you purchase it. However, it’s mostly voluntary coverage.

How Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Work?

When you buy comprehensive insurance, you’ll choose a deductible. The deductible is the sum you’ll pay from your pocket in the event of an insured claim.

Consider, for instance, the case where you choose a $1000 deductible and your vehicle is then destroyed by flood in an insured claim. If your car needs $2,500 in repairs, you’ll only pay a $1000 deductible while your insurance will cover the rest.

In comprehensive insurance, there is a maximum amount or a limit that your insurance can pay against a claim. This limit on comprehensive insurance coverage is usually the vehicle’s real money worth.

For instance, if your car got stolen at gunpoint, the insurance provider will pay you for the depreciated value of your vehicle, minus the deductible. This implies that if you were to swap your stolen car with a modern model or make, you’d also have to pay some of the cost yourself in order to compliment your insurance company’s payout.

What Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover?

Comprehensive vehicle insurance can be related to bad luck protection. It covers damage to the car caused by almost anything other than a rollover or collision. This involves a wide range of uncontrollable accidents, such as theft, fire accident, explosion, broken windscreen, and riot-related destruction.


Either by carjacking or grand theft auto, car theft has been on the increase irrespective of the technologies put together to curb the stealing of cars; there are still reported cases of stolen vehicles. Comprehensive auto insurance gives you an edge over theft by covering your car in the case of theft.

Riots or Vandalism

Some car owners in urban areas like Ontario may suffer damages due to vandalism, civil commotion, riots, or protest. This is a lesson that most car owners have learned the hard way.

Your vehicle would be insured for damages caused by vandalism, protests, and riots if you purchase comprehensive auto insurance.

Natural Disaster

Natural disasters (earthquakes, droughts, landslides, hurricanes, floods) are devastating phenomena with geographical, atmospheric, and hydrological causes that mostly result in property damage, deaths, and environmental society disruption.

This is unplanned and beyond anybody’s capacity, getting comprehensive auto coverage insures you against damages caused by these events

Falling Objects

Sometimes damages caused by falling objects are inevitable. In cases of falling tree branches, trees, etc. where there is no one to hold responsible, comprehensive auto insurance comes to your rescue here by covering the damages caused.

Hitting an Animal

In cities where you have animals around, an accident might happen. Wild and domesticated animals may unexpectedly run into the driveway. Damages caused by hitting an animal is also covered under comprehensive auto insurance

Fire Damage

A fire accident is an unfortunate event that may occur due to human error or natural causes. Fire accidents happen all the time and sometimes the outcome may be devastating. But with comprehensive auto insurance, you will be covered for the damages caused due to a fire accident.

Do You Need Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

Most drivers are aware that they need auto insurance, however, it can be very difficult to determine the kind of coverage to purchase. We will walk you through this phase and make the process easier.

Listed below are some questions to ask yourself that can assist you in deciding whether you need comprehensive insurance or not.

  • Did I acquire my car through finance or loan?
  • What is the value of my car?
  • What is the level of my risk?
  • Is comprehensive auto insurance required by my province’s law?
  • What is the cost of comprehensive coverage in my province?

All these answers would enable you to make an informed decision about the necessity of comprehensive insurance.

FAQ About Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Is Comprehensive Insurance Mandatory?

Comprehensive auto insurance is not mandatory, it’s a choice you make. However, you might be mandated to purchase it by your creditor if you acquire your vehicle through finance.

What are the things that Comprehensive Insurance does not cover?

Comprehensive insurance does not cover medical bills or expenses caused by an accident, damages caused by an auto crash or collision, damages to another person’s vehicle, etc.

Do I need Comprehensive Insurance for an Old Car?

As your auto becomes old, it depreciates. Comprehensive insurance will become less beneficial as your car gets old and depreciates because it will not pay more than your vehicle’s worth, minus the deductible. If you’re not on a lending contract that demands it, you can opt to forego comprehensive insurance at a certain stage.


Comprehensive insurance covers a wide range of damages caused to a car. Non-collision, fire, theft, and flood damages are all covered by comprehensive auto insurance even though it is not mandatory by government laws to purchase comprehensive insurance, getting this coverage will be of more advantage and save you a lot of money in cases of damages.

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