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What to expect from PS5s Dragon Quest 11


Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age game was released in 2017. Until 2021 it has been coming out for various platforms. It is now available for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Stadia. It’s a single role-playing video game and a franchise that has 11 different titles with additional spin-offs. The first release was in 1986, and they have been coming out up until this date. The gameplay of Dragon Quest games is always similar. Players are exploring different worlds and, along the way, need to fight against monsters.

Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age Mini-Games

In addition to the gameplay, some mini-games are also continuous. The casino is the main mini-game in the Dragon quest. In the casino, you can play poker, slots, and roulette. Players can win prizes that they can find only there. In the game, you will find tips that will get odds in your favour. Puerto Valor casino is the first one player will find in the game.

Dragon Quest 11
Dragon Quest 11

In this casino, a player can discover powerful equipment, for example, Platinum Power sword. Then, another casino player will find Octagonia casino, which got made for the player to win. To win real prizes player needs to clean the casino from monsters and visit the VIP room. Real prizes will reveal then, from Love Potion to the Gringham Whip, so a bit different than what you can find on real online slots real money websites. Mini-games are part of the game that gamers love. According to the customer reviews, Dragon Quest casinos are one of the most liked parts of the game. 

Main Story

The game takes place in the fantasy world of Erdrea, Dundrasil’s kingdom that gets destroyed. The protagonist is saved from there like an infant and got adopted by a woman named Amber. By the king’s ruling, he ends up in the dungeon and eventually escapes with his prison mate. On their way, they meet a lot of characters who travel with them. Along the way, they also meet an exiled princess who saved the protagonist while he was a baby. When they come to Yggdrasil, Carmelian shows up with his company. Mordegon takes Sword of Light and destroys the tree, which puts the kingdom in the dark age. Tower of Lost Time gives them the power to go back in time to defeat Mordegon before he takes Sword of Light. Dark forces wake up Dark One – Calamos. Without Luminary protagonist can’t beat the Dark One. They defeat Calasoms and return Sword of Light to Yggdrasil, who is an ancient dragon of light.

The game has every little detail covered, and when a player gets familiar with the characters and environment, it looks like you jumped right into a fairy tale. Background, monsters, and righteousness will amaze every gamer who pays attention to the design and details. Structure and design follow previous sequels. In addition to graphic design, the player can choose music between the original game soundtrack and the grand orchestral version. Fans of Dragon Quest will love the new sequel.

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