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Why Apple Pay payment method is gaining popularity among online casinos in Canada


One of the ways casinos get to attract and retain customers is by making sure that financial transactions are smooth. This not only means that money transfers are smooth, but it also means that customers use secure transaction platforms.

With the advancement in mobile technology and growth of the online casino industry, casinos have had to be innovative in providing options for their clients to continue enjoying the casino services.  To get a feel of the games on offer and how to play them, most casinos offer free play without placing any money.

However, when you decide that you are ready to play with real money you have to select a method to make your first deposit. Should you win, you also need to decide on how you will access your cash. Apple Pay is among the trusted financial platform for casino transactions. 

Why Use Apple Pay at Casino Sites

Apple Inc, the tech giant is well-known for its innovations in mobile telephony. When they decided to venture into the financial market, Apple Pay was born. That was back in 2014. Backed by years of expertise in safety and reliability in cutting-edge technology, Apple Pay has grown rapidly. Finding a casino that accepts Apple Pay is easy.

Since the mother company is well established, you can be sure the transactions on the Apple Pay platform are above board. Indeed, well-known retail stores including Starbucks and Mcdonald’s have embraced the Apple Pay payment method. Apple Pay has spread to casinos in other countries. It is no wonder that Apple Play casinos Canada has also joined the Apple Pay bandwagon.

How to Use Apple Pay in Online Casinos

When you open an online casino account, you can make the initial and subsequent deposits using the Apple Pay e-Wallet. The process is straightforward with easy-to-follow directions from the user-friendly interface. Your funds will be reflected in your account instantly.

Withdrawal of winnings takes longer but is dependent on the casino. Some casinos do not accept the withdrawal of funds using Apple Pay. Apple Pay is available on various devices such as your iPhone or even a smartwatch.

How to Deposit With Apple Pay

To deposit money into your casino account using Apple Pay, you need to first get a laptop, mobile device, tablet, smartphone, or even smartwatch that is compatible with the Apple App.

 Your first step in depositing funds is to log into your favourite casino using your Safari browser.  From there you will navigate to the cashier section of the casino website. Click on the deposit button and select Apple Pay as your preferred deposit method. Make your deposit

After you have confirmed your deposit amount,  Apple Pay will ask you to authenticate the transaction using your biometrics such as your face recognition facility or your fingerprint.  Another option is to use your passcode. The deposit is made in an instant.

How to Withdraw With Apple Pay

Before making a withdrawal request, you should confirm that your online casino accepts the withdrawal option using Apple Pay. This is because some casinos that accept deposits using Apple Pay will decline withdrawals using the eWallet.

For Apple Pay casinos, you have to ascertain if there is a limit set for the amount you can withdraw.  To withdraw your winnings, go to your account and click on the withdraw option.  Input the amount of money you wish to withdraw. Next, select Apple Pay as your preferred withdrawal payment method.

Withdrawing your cash is instant on Apple Pay although different casinos have different guidelines on withdrawals.  Apple Pay is fast and secure whether making deposits or withdrawals from Apple Pay casinos.

Pros and Cons Using Apple Pay at the Casino

There are several benefits as well as drawbacks in choosing Apple Pay as your transaction of choice in casino gaming.


  • Apple Tech is huge and uses top-notch encryption on their Apple Pay platform. This means your data and transactions are secure from hackers.
  • The use of biometrics to access your casino account is an added advantage to users of Apple Pay. Even if your device gets stolen or lost,  it is virtually impossible to access your Apple Pay if you are using face recognition or fingerprints to access the platform.
  • Players do not require the user to give out card numbers to the casino which adds to the security of their data/transactions.
  • Apple Pay transactions are fast and the platform is easy to use. Deposits will take seconds to be credited to your casino account.
  • Apple Pay does not charge any fees for transactions.  However, some casinos charge transaction fees on all transactions carried out on their site. Such charges are not limited to Apple Pay transactions.


  • Apple pay is limited to electronic devices that are compatible with the Apple Inc. brand.  Casino players with different service providers are locked out. In addition, to play at an Apple Play casino, a player must have a device with a version IOS 8 or higher installed. Older Apple devices might not be compatible with the latest version of Apple Pay.
  • Apple pay is not accepted in some online casinos. This is especially true when it comes to the withdrawal of winnings.
  • Apple Pay is still a relatively new  player compared to established names in the casino industry
  • Many online casinos do not allow withdrawals using Apple Pay

Apple Pay Bonus Offers

Players who play at Apple Pay online casinos are eligible for various exciting bonuses immediately they register an account. To begin with, there is the welcome bonus where your deposit is matched by the casino up to a particular limit. With this bonus, you can win money while using the casino’s funds.

Another great offer at Apple Play casinos is several free spins on the slots. These are often offered to new players together with a welcome bonus. The free spins are commonly available in selected games.

For regular players, Apple play casinos have loyalty awards.   These can come in the form of free spins, money-back promotions, or a host of gifts and freebies.  With your enrollment at an Apple Pay casino, you are sure to appreciate what this eWallet has to offer.

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