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Why the wildlife pest population is on the rise in Toronto


Toronto is known for many things, however, being a wildlife pest hotspot is not generally one of them. Pest control companies all over Toronto have received a massive influx of clients wanting help in removing the wildlife pest population. While it might seem odd that the pest populations are rising in Toronto, there are some reasons that help to explain it. Continue reading and visit this helpful source to learn more.

Wildlife pest population

What wildlife pest population?

As in most big cities all throughout the world, there are a wide variety of pest animals that can be found. It is precisely this reason that the Toronto wildlife pest populations that are seeing an increase are the rat and mouse populations, in addition to pest skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and many other nuisance critters. These populations thrive in bad times, and in good times they are capable of rapidly expanding their populations. Now that the species are known, it is time to explore why these populations are experiencing a boom.

Mild winter

The winter season in Toronto is usually not very conducive to pests populations. Cold temperatures and lots of snow can really put the hurt on the smaller pest animals like squirrels, as well as larger critters like raccoons and skunks. However, the pests lucked out with a mild winter by Toronto’s standards, giving them a chance to find food and stay warm all throughout the winter. This large contributing factor is probably one of the most obvious reasons why the wildlife pest populations are booming in Toronto. You can learn more about what conditions make pest squirrels thrive at pestcontrolsquirrel.com.


The coronavirus put virtually every city in the world in similar circumstances. Toronto was no different than most cities when it imposed restrictions on businesses, restaurants, and other buildings that are commonly inhabited by people. When these buildings were empty and there were fewer people around, pest populations were able to increase rapidly, as these critters could make buildings their home without being spotted by employees and customers of various businesses. This access to warm shelters without being disturbed would have only increased the thriving nuisance wildlife populations.

Construction projects

Construction projects often provide many things for nuisance wildlife. When the new buildings and structures are built, there are often perfect places for these animals to create dens, nests, and homes for themselves and their young. In addition to new places to live, construction projects also generally bring more people to an area, which increases the amount of trash and food waste that these critters have access to.

Pest control tips

Now that you know what populations of critters are thriving and why they are thriving, it is important to figure out how to prevent them from coming into your home or onto your property. Continue reading to learn more.

Clean up your yard

Simply cleaning up your yard is an excellent way to keep critters away from your home. Secure pet food and garbage that is left outside. Be sure to pick up any fallen fruit from fruit trees. And finally, always be sure to trim any tall weeds and clean up any debris in your yard, as these provide excellent places for nuisance wildlife to live.

Seal up your home

The absolute best way to prevent animals from coming into your home is to make sure that it is completely sealed from the outside. To begin, inspect your home, both interior and exterior, from top to bottom. Look for cracks, holes, or gaps that could potentially allow access to rats, mice, and other small critters. Any problem areas you find should be sealed up with all-weather sealant, aluminum sheeting, or other similar materials. Be sure to carefully double-check your home and garage, ensuring that you have not overlooked a single problem. Once you have your home sealed up, you can relax and enjoy living in Toronto.

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