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Why you should definitely trim tree branches near your roof


Do you have a large tree in the garden close to your roof? If it’s not causing you any problems at the moment it’s going to in the future. Don’t worry because you don’t need to think about removing the tree.

You will need to ensure the branches are trimmed regularly. Large ones hanging over the top of your roof are problematic. Here are a few big things that will go wrong unless you do something.

You’ll have cracks in your roof

The Custom-contracting.ca Hamilton & Burlington roofing services company says they work with lots of customers who end up with large tree branches on their roofs. The branches fall after a night of strong winds.

When large branches land on roofs, it’s going to create holes big enough for water to get inside. Once water gets inside it can create stains, become a breeding ground for mold, and cause your ceilings to collapse.

trim tree branches near your roof
trim tree branches near your roof

Let animals inside your attic

The Burlington commercial roofing contractor says they find lots of animals inside attics too. Once branches create big holes animals can slip inside. If shingles come off when it’s windy they’ll find a way in.

Large trees aren’t the only way animals will get inside your attic, but when you have branches reaching down to your roof it doesn’t help. Once the branches are trimmed lots of animals won’t try to break into your home.

Leaves get into your gutters

Once leaves start to fall from the trees, lots end up in your gutters. If dead branches snap on windy days they might end up there too. You will have a lot of debris sitting in the gutters preventing water from getting past.

If water can’t drain away it’s going to fill up until your gutters are full. On a really cold winter day, you’ll hear a loud crash because they’ll fall to the ground. Once the water turns to ice the weight will be unbearable.

Keep an eye on the sky

I doubt you’ll be walking around outside at the same time your gutters collapse, so it’s unlikely you’ll get hurt. Don’t assume it’s never going to happen because I’m sure it’s happened to a few unlucky people.

It’s more likely you’ll end up being hit on the head by a falling branch. Once they begin to build up on your roof they aren’t cemented into position. One big gust of wind could bring one crashing down to the ground.

Weeds growing on your roof

Have you ever seen a roof covered in moss? It tends to grow in areas that don’t attract much light, which usually happens when your tree branches are so thick that sunlight can’t penetrate through them at all.

Once moss begins to grow it prevents tiles from doing their job properly. Water will be able to get underneath them and find a way into your home. Once the moss is removed you’ll be okay if the tiles are in working condition.

It’s Worth Remembering To Trim Your Trees

I know it’s not easy to remember to get your tree branches trimmed, but now you know how much damage overhanging branches can cause if you’re unlucky.

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