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Why you should repair your roof before raccoons move in


Toronto has fully embraced its title as the raccoon capital of Canada and, quite possibly, the world — with the city going so far as to adopt the nocturnal critter as its unofficial mascot.

Love them or hate them, the army of sneaky trash pandas can be spotted causing mischief all around the city — from public parks and back-alley garbage bins to neighbourhood laneways and even your roof. 

As winter approaches, many raccoon families will be on the look out for a warm place to hunker down during the chilly season, and your attic is prime real estate. And although raccoons have every right to call Toronto home, they don’t belong in your home.

Once they find a way in, raccoons are bad tenants who make big messes and leave destruction in their wake. That’s why it’s crucial you contact roofers in Toronto to repair any problems now before it gets too cold.

A damaged roof is a wide-open door to raccoons 

As experienced roofing contractors in Toronto will tell you, raccoons are talented opportunists that can worm their way through even minor damage to your roof.

Here are some common entryways used by raccoons in the city:

Roof Edge: If the edge of your roof just above your eavestroughs is rotten, raccoons can pick apart the softened wood and slip into your attic. This can happen when your roof doesn’t drain properly, as moisture will go through a cycle of freezing and thawing that can damage the underlying wood.  

Plumbing Mats: Your plumbing system requires vents to expel sewer gases from your home. That means there’s a hole in your roof to accommodate these vents. Normally, a rubber matting seals the hole to ensure no moistures or intruders can get it, but raccoons have been known to pull this part of your roof up to gain entry.

Soffits and Fascia: Ignoring damaged soffits is like laying out a welcome mat for raccoons. These critters are strong enough to push aside weakened soffits to slip into your attic. The best roofing companies in Toronto are experienced professionals that fix every part of your roof — from shingles to soffits.

Booking an inspection protects you from bigger problems

If you spot any visible damage to your roofline or shingles, you’ll want to contact a Toronto roofer to fix these issues. Left untreated, these problems can snowball into serious structural damage to your home, but more importantly, they provide an immediate entrance for raccoons.

Once they find a way in, raccoons will wreak havoc in your attic. They’ll tear out insulation to create their nests, chew through wires, and ravage your ventilation system — any of which can lead to water damage and fire hazards. They’ll also leave behind urine and feces that can make you sick.

Repairing this damage (plus the initial issues with your roof) can become costly, especially when you also add in the cost of trapping and removing these pests safely.

Comparatively, the cost of repairing your roof before a raccoon arrives is much more affordable. Roofers in Toronto can easily handle the issues outlined above, making short work of damaged fascia or shingles.

You live in the raccoon capital; if you have damage, it’s only a matter of time before you have to deal with these critters. And with the winter chill arriving in the city soon, the chances a raccoon takes up residence in your attic is climbing. So don’t delay! Compare roofers in Toronto to find a specialist that can repair your roof fast.

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