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With innovation, Toronto’s casinos are coming into the 21st Century


Toronto and Ontario as a whole has a great history of casino gambling, and yet recent events have forced the industry to reassess itself. As the Toronto Sun highlights, cybersecurity incidents have laid bare the old-school bones of the industry in the city, with 14 Ontario locations being forced to temporarily shut down earlier in April. Furthermore, the 2021 legalisation of sports betting has made a big cut in the market that previously dominated. That being said, the industry has moved to plug these gaps, and is making strides to re-establishing Toronto’s casinos as the leader in Canadian betting. 

Addressing the technology gap

For casinos to remain competitive they must have an online offering. This is difficult in Canada and North America. As Citynews.ca highlights, gambling laws are very restrictive in the US and indeed in some areas of Canada when it comes to digital offerings. This isn’t the case in Toronto, which has taken a progressive view to digital gambling laws – and that means its casinos can produce the all-important digital offering. In practice, this means that the city can offer the best money online casino experiences compared to regional competitors, and, indeed, have started to do so. Spin, Jackpot City and Ruby are among the Toronto-based outlets that are providing this service, and they’re creating a strong link between those who want to enjoy the gaming industry, and the benefits that Toronto’s industry in particular can offer. 

Driving immersion

There remains the risk that these casinos don’t offer the same glitzy experience that casinos of old had to offer. This is one of the reasons driving people away from modern casinos and into the online field – physical offerings aren’t always capable of providing the experience punters want. To that end, huge strides are being made in making casinos more immersive, according to Salon Prive. The use of advanced graphics, actors in front of green screen, and table stylings that match the sort of glamour usually seen in Atlantic City or Las Vegas is key to building a positive reputation for Toronto’s casino’s online.  

Toronto’s casinos Getting with the times

Cyber attacks continue to target casinos, given their high value status. Rama has become the latest to close, as highlighted by CTV News, due to such attacks. As cyberattacks become more sophisticated it’s reasonable to assume that casinos will be targeted at ever increasing levels. The most important technological improvement that casinos need to embrace is in the foundations of their operation, both physical and digital. This will protect consumer deposits but also ensure that the fun had at the casino is safe and fun – the most crucial aspects to the gaming experience. 

Toronto continues to be a leading example of quality in the Canadian gambling economy. It has high quality gaming houses, a leading online economy, and the innovation and experience to build on that. If it can continue to shore itself up against the threat of cyber attack, it will continue to flourish.

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