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100 more boot brush stations coming to the Bruce Trail


Baffin announces the Trail Conservancy Project in partnership with the Bruce Trail Conservancy

STONEY CREEK, ON, April 17, 2023 – Cold-climate footwear brand based in Hamilton, Baffin just announced the Trail Conservancy Project in partnership with the Bruce Trail Conservancy. To prevent the spread of harmful, invasive species along Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath – Baffin has committed to building 100 co-branded boot brush stations by 2025. This adds to the existing 35 stations currently located throughout the 900 km of main trail.

This partnership merges two Ontario organizations who share a passion for adventure and the outdoors. Baffin believes in Real-World Testing™, bringing products to diverse climates to ensure quality and protection for customers. From the most extreme environments on Earth to hometown trails, Baffin relies on the conservation of local environments and the work organizations, including the Bruce Trail Conservancy, commit to preserving nature.

Bruce Trail blaze

Boot Brush Stations are an important tool in the protection of the diverse ecosystem within the Bruce Trail. The spread of invasive species is one of the top threats to Niagara Escarpment biodiversity, with hikers unknowingly bringing these species into the trail on their boots. These stations encourage hikers to brush off their boots before continuing their journey, to prevent the unintentional spread of invasive species and protect the native ecosystem.

Baffin to build first 20 Boot Brush Stations to be built in Stoney Creek

To launch the Trail Conservancy Project, Baffin will build the first 20 Boot Brush Stations in the Stoney Creek production facility on April 21, 2023. Baffin will be offering employees the opportunity to donate one hour of their time during the workday to help build the stations, providing the entire Baffin company the opportunity to give back and help protect the Bruce Trail.

“As a Hamilton-based company, the Bruce Trail is right in our backyard. From product testing activities and team building outings, to weekends spent on the trail with family – everyone at Baffin has benefitted from the work the Bruce Trail Conservancy does to protect this natural playground,” says Mark Hubner, Senior Vice President, Commercial at Baffin. “Our ongoing partnership with the Bruce Trail Conservancy has been a passion project for us, connecting our love of exploration and our desire to help protect diverse Canadian environments for the future. By launching the Trail Conservancy Project and providing these Boot Brush Stations to the Bruce Trail, we are thrilled to take another step toward protecting the Niagara Escarpment, while leaving the invasive species behind.”

A host of golden daffodils spotted on a neighbouring site along the Bruce Trail just north of Burlington

A supporter of the Bruce Trail Conservancy for the past decade, Baffin has helped fund the conservation programming designed to conserve, restore and manage land along the Niagara Escarpment UNESCO World Biosphere and to protect its ecosystems for the benefit of all. The launch of Baffin’s Trail Conservancy Project is the natural progression in this symbiotic partnership that aims to protect the environment so people can continue to spend time in nature and explore.

“On behalf of the Bruce Trail Conservancy, I am thrilled that Baffin is continuing their commitment to the critical conservation efforts necessary to preserve a ribbon of wilderness along the Niagara escarpment,” says Michael McDonald, Chief Executive Officer at the Bruce Trail Conservancy. “Their generous support of Boot Brush Stations along the Bruce Trail will go far to help us control invasive species and educate trail users on this important aspect of land stewardship and preservation.”

Standing at approximately three feet tall and four feet wide, Boot Brush Stations are made of cedar wood and consist of a base and a large display. The display acts as an instructional and educational tool, teaching hikers about invasive species often brought through the trail and how to effectively use the stations to remove any possible threats from their boots. The boot brush itself is a plastic scrubber located at the bottom of the station for ease of access. Ontario-based company Turkstra Lumber has joined the project, generously supplying materials for the build. Turkstra Lumber is a family owned and operated business that has served Hamilton and the Niagara Region for over 65 years.

A view along the Bruce Trail, Spring 2023

Baffin says it will continue to support the Bruce Trail Conservancy’s existing projects as they care for protected natural lands, a critical step to building nature-based solutions to address the climate crisis.

About Baffin

Baffin Ltd. is an innovative, leading outwear company based in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada with a core focus on technically advanced, innovative footwear and high-performance apparel. Baffin designs, develops, and field tests footwear in the most demanding environments on the planet and is focused on being a global leader in footwear and apparel within the Outdoor, Industrial and Hunt and Fish categories. Baffin Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canada Goose Holdings Inc.

About The Bruce Trail Conservancy

Bruce Trail Conservancy is one of Ontario’s largest land trusts that acquires, protects and restores the vulnerable habitat and biodiversity of the UNESCO Niagara Escarpment Biosphere. For more than 50 years, we have responsibly connected people to nature through the Bruce Trail. We are a member-driven, volunteer-based, charitable organization, governed by a 19-member Board of Directors. Working with each of the nine Bruce Trail Clubs, we are committed to caring for the Bruce Trail and to preserving land along its route.

SOURCE Baffin Limited

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