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Advantages of Customized Protective Coatings Equipment


Custom coatings offer businesses and individuals alike significant financial savings over time by protecting against corrosion, damages and even fire.

Powder coats offer more than aesthetic improvements for metal materials; they also allow businesses and facilities to meet specific requirements by custom-matching colors to their equipment or surfaces for a uniform and valuable appearance. Customizable protective coatings equipment at Bolair provide an affordable solution that will last, creating an efficient, safe and durable outcome.


Customizable protective coating equipment can save your company money by increasing the durability of metal materials. These systems offer stronger defenses against physical damage, moisture intrusion, chemicals exposure and much more – as well as providing corrosion prevention against corrosive environments like salt air. Furthermore, it provides thermal protection as well.

Some custom coatings are specifically engineered to withstand specific temperatures, making them an invaluable way of safeguarding equipment. A custom coating designed specifically to withstand temperature variations could prevent issues with temperature changes that could otherwise lead to machine shutdown or failure.

Custom coatings may even help prevent bacterial contamination. Heresite Protective Coatings’ uniGUARD coating provides a more resilient antibacterial surface than standard paint or coating systems; it is even suitable for food processing equipment to control bacteria spreading and save money through reduced maintenance costs and longer lifespan.


Protective coatings provide numerous benefits for structures and surfaces, from protection from corrosion to physical damage and fire suppression, as well as thermal insulation properties.

Many protective coatings are designed to be environmentally-friendly, eliminating the use of harmful chemicals and solvents during application. This feature is especially important for commercial and residential metal equipment as it creates a safer working environment for workers.

Bolair offers high-pressure spray equipment from Graco and Wiwa that is capable of handling up to 100% solids while remaining solvent free. We have portable units which can easily be lifted onto trucks, cars or trailers for transport; additionally our skid mounted units can be moved by forklift. Graco’s XM plural component sprayer offers precise ratio control as well as historical spray data download, making it an excellent tool for hurricane proofing buildings using Kynar Aquatec materials.


Protective coatings provide more than physical damage protection; they also boost efficiency by shielding devices against environmental hazards like thermal protection, moisture resistance and chemical reactivity. Such features help prevent electrical issues while also decreasing energy usage costs and prolonging device lifespans.

Bolair offers contractors custom spray equipment systems designed to rapidly apply protective coatings more quickly and efficiently. We carry high pressure single and plural component sprayers including the Graco XM plural component system which atomizes up to 100% solids epoxy or polyurea with precise ratio control allowing users to download historical spraying data.

Powder coating equipment uses static electricity and heat rather than harsh chemicals or solvents to coat metal parts, making the process more eco-friendly. As environmental awareness rises among individuals, companies must increase their focus on eco-friendly manufacturing procedures beginning with their product designs.


Custom coatings can be designed to meet the specific requirements of equipment. For instance, companies may require photoluminescent or non-slip properties in their coating to help keep workers safe at work. Furthermore, custom coatings can also be designed to withstand certain operating temperatures; this feature is especially valuable when working with machinery that could be damaged by extreme high or low temperature fluctuations.

Protective coatings also serve to help prevent physical damage. By acting as a barrier and preventing dented, scratched and corrosion that could affect equipment operations, protective coatings help prolong machine lifespan while cutting maintenance costs.

Bolair offers a selection of customizable spray equipment that is ready to meet the requirements of any project. Our Graco and Wiwa equipment comes equipped with various features – heated hoses, intrinsically safe units and glycol heated fluid hoppers can all be added for increased versatility and durability. In addition, we can build turnkey mobile rigs so that value-added coatings and insulation projects can go on the road!

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