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Be the best baby shower guest with these tips


There’s no better feeling than being invited to a baby shower and being among the select few involved in welcoming a little one into the world. That said, if you are invited to your very first baby shower, or if you haven’t been to a baby shower for quite some time, you might be wondering what the best practices are.

This post will discuss the best etiquette for guests attending an upcoming shower — or a baby sprinkle — this year.

RSVP in Good Time

Whether you have received an invite in the mail, or if an e-invite’s landed in your inbox, reply in good time. The parents-to-be and the shower host are sure to be very busy, so letting them know in an ample amount of time that you’re planning on attending will allow them to prepare for everyone without any last-minute updates or changes. This is especially important if food and drinks are being served.

Once you’ve RSVP’d accordingly, be sure to add the date and time to your calendar.

There Isn’t a Registry. Should I Bring a Gift?

If this is the parents’ second or third born, they may have opted for no gift registry, deciding to reuse items from older siblings instead. However, it’s understandable to feel a little uncomfortable turning up empty-handed. A carefully crafted gift basket is a fantastic solution in instances like this.

With gift baskets, you can pick from a selection of beautifully considered baby wares that are sure to tick many boxes. If you can order from a provider with specific expertise in baby gifting, that’s a huge plus! Take for one Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets, the Toronto-based luxury gift basket company that has been providing baby gift baskets for almost 40 decades and offers a wide array of basket options. Each basket includes a selection of high-end baby products that are sure to surprise and delight, with shipping options available across Canada and the U.S.

Quality gift baskets are excellent if you cannot attend the baby shower or if the parents are hosting a virtual shower, too. This way, you can get your gift shipped — wrapped and all — straight to the parents’ house.

Offer to Help and Get Involved

It’s understandable for the parents-to-be to want their baby shower to go without a hitch. If you notice them rushing around, refilling glasses, tidying debris, and clearing plates, step in and offer to help. They should be savouring every moment and spending time chatting with their guests (or putting their feet up!).

The parents-to-be and the baby shower host are sure to have spent a lot of time planning games and activities. Get involved in any games that are on the go and help keep the atmosphere upbeat and celebratory.

Final Thoughts

The baby shower is most likely the parent’s final hurrah with their friends, family and loved ones before their little bundle of joy arrives. With these tips, you’re sure to help streamline baby shower hosting duties, allowing the parents to focus on the important part of the festivities — celebrating their new arrival.

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