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Canada’s 2023 in crypto, NFT’s and Web3


While the 2010s were a decade where many new online technologies found their feet, the 2020s are becoming a proving ground where those systems fight to survive and evolve. Three of the most important of these technologies, cryptos, NFTs, and Web3 are on a trajectory to shape Canada beyond just digit frontiers, so what can be expected from these within 2023?

The Continuation of Cryptocurrency

As the standout of the modern online world of finance, investment, and payment, crypto has continued to expand its relevance in the early 2020s. Current trends predict that in 2023, the acceptance of crypto payment for goods and services will grow rapidly. In addition, a few standout names like Tether and Polygon GBP are looking to further their names as reliable bets in an increasingly competitive market.

Many of the standouts forging a path to better crypto acceptance have found a home in forward-thinking digital services like online casinos. As cutting-edge game delivery websites, this is one of those industries that consistently set a pace for others to follow. BitStarz constantly finds itself evolving to maintain modern internet standards. To this end, including crypto payment options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Doge for thousands of their games is another way of getting ahead of the curve. This approach also integrates well with growing mobile payment systems, which are making headway in both fiat and crypto methods.

Outside of gambling, Canadians can use their crypto on a wide host of goods and services, including travel via Travala, electronic with Newegg, vehicles with HGregoire, and much more. As explored by WealthAwesome, the number of older and traditional marketplaces accepting crypto is accelerating, and 2023 looks to maintain this pattern

New Steps in NFTs

2022 was a strong year for NFTs in Canada, just like anywhere else. While the trading of these tokens hasn’t yet been especially successful, a framework to facilitate the process is being developed. SourceForge notes that major NFT platforms available in Canada now include big names like Venly, BitKeep, NFT STARS, and ART101.

As the market matures, 2023 is poised to be the year when NFTs see a leap in popularity as they’re rapidly adopted by mass media. NFTs are being proposed as a method to crowdfund indie films, for example, which not only helps development but can also reward backers in the case a release becomes a hit. The same can be said in the video gaming space, where NFTs can act as an even more legitimate way to trade special items like weapons and character skins, an already lucrative market.

Metaverse and Decentralization with Web3

With recent investment in Metaverse, Web3 is stepping up as a stepping stone to allow easier forms of access in 2023. Web 3 technologies work by encouraging decentralization, which could serve as a foundational basis in the creation of Metaverse and greater web content.

The level of close involvement our lives have with current web systems is already immense, and it’s only going to grow as we enter the Metaverse. This means more of our data is out there, which furthers the importance of keeping data decentralized. In this way. Web3 could also serve as a way to escape the digital clutches of others, serving as a guide for a freer and safer next step for Canada’s online systems in 2023.

2023 is poised to expand on the early ideas set in the 2020s and continue to prove viability and show Canadian online users what could come next. While it’s premature to make strong predictions, these moves made by crypto, NFT, and Web3 illustrate a move toward an inevitable target. As for when Canada and the rest of the world will hit this target, 2023 could let us know.

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