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Canada’s Team of Paranormal Investigators Visit World-Famous Haunts Across North America


Follow Corine Carey, Leanne Sallenback and Kelly Ireland as they investigate hauntings in world-famous locations – “History’s Most Haunted” premieres in September

TORONTO, August 28, 2023 – Chasing the success of T+E’s original two-part documentary, Haunted Gold Rush, exploring ghostly mysteries along British Columbia’s historic Gold Rush Trail, paranormal investigators Corine CareyLeanne Sallenback and Kelly Ireland return with History’s Most Haunted (6×60’; HD).

The all-new series follows the trio as they travel across North America meeting with real people who recount their intense, terrifying and emotional paranormal experiences. This time, the women are on a mission to unlock a deeper understanding of the hauntings that take place in the world-famous locations they visit including Montreal, Newfoundland, Salem, New Orleans, Charleston and San Antonio. 

History’s Most Haunted premieres Friday, September 8 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on T+E during the channel’s nationwide free preview event, running from September 4 to November 5, 2023. New episodes from the series will air every Friday leading into October and T+E’s highly-anticipated ‘Creep Week’ event. 

In History’s Most Haunted, Corine, Leanne and Kelly are reaching out and connecting with historical figures, many of whom died through war, criminal sentences, diseases, and natural disasters. Featuring stylized, cinematic dramatizations of eyewitness accounts, coupled with rich context provided by experts, historians and locals, the series shows how paranormal investigations can enrich people’s understanding of history by giving voices to the spirits of those who lived it. Together, the trio will bridge the gap between past and present in a fresh new way.

“As an all-women paranormal investigative team, we feel privileged and thankful for the opportunity to showcase our work with the paranormal, a rarity in the often male dominated field. T+E has helped pave the way for Canadians to watch ghost mysteries through a new lens and we look forward to bringing audiences History’s Most Haunted,” says Leanne Sallenback. “Corine, Kelly and I really pushed our paranormal abilities to new limits; making us vulnerable – and it was an absolutely terrifying and mind-blowing experience.”

“The fear in this series is palpable. We’re reaching out and connecting with historical figures from history, many of whom died through war, criminal sentences, diseases, disasters and other horrible deaths.” says Corine Carey. “These spirits cannot rest until their truths and stories are shared, and with the help of our team’s expertise and abilities, we’re making sure their histories are finally told.”

“We are best friends and sisters, and in watching History’s Most Haunted, I hope audiences see not only that our dynamic is real, but also that we are being our authentic selves. And, even though we are investigating the same locations at the same time, we are each having our own unique experiences. These experiences can take a toll on us physically and emotionally, but we choose to go there because we want to give people answers as to why they’re being haunted. We want to bring them some peace, and ideally, bring the spirits closure too,” says Kelly Ireland.

History’s Most Haunted is produced by Small Army EntertainmentSean De Vries (The Bachelor Canada, Border Security) and Stephen Sawchuk (Love it or List it Vancouver, Sidney) serve as Executive Producers. The series is directed by Garth DykeMichael BodnarchukSean De Vries and Stephen Sawchuk. Overseen by Sam Linton, VP, Production and Development, Global Media on behalf of Blue Ant MediaBlue Ant International oversees global distribution.

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