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Can’t pay your mortgage? Five options to take


You might be in a hard time financially and not able to pay your mortgage. Don’t fret, there are multiple things you could do. We ran through them below.

Refinance Mortgage

Refinancing your mortgage is not the most common thing to do, but it is one of the best. You would be taking out a loan from another lender house to pay the original back. The remortgage interest rate would be much lower than the home loan you have.

Just know that the interest rate you’ll be met with depends on your credit score. If it’s not that great, the interest wouldn’t be as low as you’d like. You can thankfully improve the score by paying debts back.

If you’re wondering how to get a second mortgage in 2021? know that refinancing doesn’t require a lot of documents.

A Forbearance Plan

If you’re going through a tough financial situation right now, you could speak to your bank and get a forbearance plan. It would exempt you from making payments for a period of time. If you won’t be exempt from making payments, you’d at least get reduced payments for the period. To be approved for the plan, you need to prove that the financial situation you are in right now is temporary.

Loan Modification

Loan modifications are somewhat similar to forbearance plans. They let you reduce the cash you’d be paying the bank. However, it wouldn’t be for a period of time. The total loan payment plan would be adjusted.

As you’d be paying less, how long it would take to finish your mortgage would be extended. Of course, lenders only do this in very special cases. You’re advised to not extend payment periods as this means you’ll have a debt over your head for a long time.

Repayment Plan

How many payments have you missed? An option would be to continue paying the mortgage like you normally have. But you’d be charged extra for the coming few months, as the bank would charge more to cover the payments that you missed.

From the things you could do, this is probably the most common. Just know that this can only be done if you’re a few months behind the payments.


You may have missed a lot of payments. What you can do is hand the property over to the bank. They would sell it and reduce the mortgage you’d have to pay. This would work well if you don’t have much to pay; the whole mortgage would be covered.

You could also sell the home yourself and use the cash to pay off the loan while using the rest as savings. If you’re going this route, you’d need the lender’s approval. Banks are known to offer the approval easily, though.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been missing payments, don’t worry, there is a lot you could do. From the things mentioned, refinancing your mortgage is the smartest. You’ll be making payments that are much more affordable than the loan you take out. If you have a superb credit score, the interest rates you’ll be met with would be less.

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