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5 reasons why everyone is falling in love with craft cannabis


Craft beers have skyrocketed in popularity over the last decade. It feels like cannabis is heading in the same direction. Consumers don’t want the same strains they bought from neighbourhood dealers during their rebellious youth.

Are you wondering why people are willing to spend more money on craft cannabis? Let’s look at some of the main reasons it’s flying off shelves. You might be tempted to give it a shot when you feel like getting high.

1. The Ability To Adapt Fast

Craft cannabis can adapt to changes in the market straight away, which is crucial in such a new industry. It’s almost impossible for large companies to follow suit, so they may begin to fall behind.

Small companies will be able to make changes to a product straight after a meeting. You don’t need dozens of people to sign off on everything. Customers won’t need to wait long if they want something new and exciting.

2. People Enjoy Good Stories

Nobody cares how a large cannabis company comes up with its strains, but they feel differently about small businesses. It’s nice to know where certain strains come from, and founders usually have interesting stories.

If you listen to craft cannabis manufacturers talk about their products, it’s obvious they’re extremely passionate about everything they sell. Sometimes it feels like big companies only care about maximizing their profits.

3. Enjoy Cannabis Farm Tours

If you visit California or Italy, it’s possible to enjoy fantastic wine tours during your vacation. Craft cannabis tours are growing in popularity, but we’ve been closed down for a few years due to the pandemic.

Cannabis tours will only get more popular because everyone has a great time. Knowing exactly how something is made before putting it into your body is smart. Imagine being able to trim your own bud to consume at home.

4. It’s Great For Your Ego

Unless you’re a Buddhist monk, you’ll probably have an ego. It’s the reason why the fashion industry is so big. Some people will pay 10x more for clothes with a logo nobody will see, which makes them feel better than ever.

Once you start smoking craft cannabis, I’m sure you’ll look down on people who smoke poor-quality weed. Have you noticed how the packaging always stands out? It’s because everyone will know you’re enjoying a high-quality product.

5. Rooting For The Underdog

Who do you root for when you’re watching a football game? If you don’t support either team, you’ll likely want the underdog to win. Everyone likes to see David beat Goliath because it doesn’t happen very often in real life.

Craft cannabis companies still need to be careful. If they sell to a large corporation, it’s not easy to keep those sorts of fans. A small business should talk about being an underdog in its marketing to attract customers.

You’ll Enjoy Craft Cannabis

You should try craft cannabis for yourself if you enjoy consuming the plant. There are so many options to choose from so you’ll never get bored.

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