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Holistic divorce lawyers can help everyone win


If you only saw divorce lawyers on television, you might think that the job consists entirely of trying to decimate the life of their client’s ex-partner. On the big screen, it looks like divorce lawyers are as invested in ruining their client’s ex as they are in protecting their client’s rights to custody and retaining assets.

There’s no shortage of drama in the movies. To be sure, divorce lawyers can be like this in real life, too. However, holistic divorce lawyers are there to ensure the best result possible for their client, which often means an amicable approach considering the family’s best interests.

Please read on to learn more about how holistic divorce lawyers can help everyone win by seeing the bigger picture.

Amicability First

The best holistic divorce lawyers in Toronto begin with an empathetic and amicable approach to get their clients through a rough ordeal quickly, inexpensively, and with all their rights upheld. Even an uncontested divorce, where the separating couple remains on relatively good terms afterwards, can be emotionally challenging for one or both people.

A holistic divorce lawyer seeks to balance all their client’s competing interests. The goal isn’t just securing custody or a favourable asset split. They also want what’s best for their children, which requires cooperation, tact, and professional expertise.

The more genuine empathy there is in the process, the likelier avoiding lengthy, expensive court trials becomes. Divorce can strain relationships and burn bridges, but it doesn’t have to.

Protecting Clients’ Rights

A divorce lawyer can’t control how the other party will respond. All they can do is begin with a genuine, good-faith desire to resolve a difficult situation smoothly. If the other side refuses to cooperate, they need to have the skills and temperament to change tacks if necessary.

Contested divorces create additional stress because they cost a lot of time and money. However, if the parents can’t agree on issues related to the division of property, debt, parenting time, or spousal support, they’re necessary.

Every divorce is different because people and relationships are different. There’s no universal path toward resolution. What you need is an experienced expert at your side, ready to handle the ups and downs of the journey and represent your best interests throughout.

They need to listen closely so they understand their clients’ wishes. If it’s impossible to compromise with the other side, they need to know what specific issues are worth fighting for most. Some parents are willing to split assets and take on debt but are stubborn about retaining control of parenting decisions. Others are the opposite.

There are no right or wrong choices here! Holistic lawyers will listen closely to your needs before pursuing them.

Divorce can be sad, painful, confusing, and stressful. That doesn’t mean it isn’t the right choice! Sometimes a separation benefits both parties, and they can stay on friendly terms and be great parents. It might be a dramatic time, but you can minimize or avoid some of the hostile drama you see in movies by hiring a lawyer with a holistic approach.

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