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How important can higher education be?


The importance of higher education is often debated but there is ample evidence to suggest it is worth it and benefits both the individual and the society on the whole.

In the rapidly changing economy of today,higher education provides individuals with an opportunity to gain skills necessary to succeed in the present day workforce.

For example, a doctor must obtain a degree in medicine to practice while an engineer can get a useful online engineering degree in a relevant field to enhance career prospects and at the same time enable the society and the community to receive education benefits from it as well.

Benefits of higher education

People with higher education get higher salaries, have more career opportunities in life and tend to lead a healthy life. Societies have been found to gain as well by showing low crime rates,better overall health and greater civic involvement.

Increases career prospects

As satellites and rockets begin to be launched into space every now and then,career opportunities in higher education have soared across the world, especially in the fields of engineering.

Higher education, therefore,provides exciting opportunities in a wide range of fields and further develops skills that can be applied to different areas such as business to leadership to creativity.

Poverty reduction

Lack of access to higher education is seen as the root of poverty. Being deprived of inadequate education results in a cycle of poverty, whereas an increase in the number of highly educated people contributes to the economic growth of the country.

A happier and healthy life

Interestingly, acquiring an academic degree has been seen to be directly related with the rise in the well-being of the concerned individual. Some critical signs seen in a person with a higher level of education are:

  • Decrease in risk of heart attacks
  • Live longer than people who don’t attend college
  • Have generally low stress levels,thanks to their social skills
  • Have less chance of developing any mental illness

Environmental benefits of higher education

Climate issues have been plaguing countries worldwide since the last couple of decades. Individuals having an academic degree have found to show greater concern over climate change problems.

Individuals with higher knowledge can use it to their advantage when it comes to sustainability and the regulations concerning them. They can utilize their knowledge for the betterment of their place of work as well in the society in general.

AI and the future

As artificial intelligence (AI) grows,so does the job market in order to keep pace with it. This means that roles that were previously played by human interaction are now being entrusted to AI as more and more companies are resorting to automation.

It has therefore become very important to invest in the education of advanced understanding of AI technologies to be able to cope with the increased demand in jobs that are required to cope with this change. Candidates with well-rounded abilities will only be considered to land a job.

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