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Mindreader Jaymes White returns to Toronto with 8th annual Victorian Seance “The Isabella Street Séance”


TORONTO, Sept. 17, 2023 – Jaymes White returns to Toronto this fall and is welcoming audiences to participate in “The Isabella Street Séance” which he will be hosting in one of the last remaining historical mansions in the heart of the city. Slated for demolition, this is the public’s last opportunity to explore the Foy-Smith mansion and attempt to connect with the stories of those who have dwelled within it during its 130+ year history. Since 2015, Jaymes’ Authentic Victorian Séance events have grown to become the largest gatherings of skeptics and believers alike, and have garnered a reputation for being the scariest gathering in the country.

The Isabella Street Séance is an interactive experience that evolves in a unique way based on attendee participation. With groups of up to 20 participants, Jaymes brings to life the history of each séance location, inviting everyone to explore the property while applying many different séance techniques.

“We normally focus the evening on the haunted location itself, but at the Eatonville Séance, the focus was a collection of old toys called The Campbell Collection,” explains the mindreader from Ottawa. “Something happened that night that I have never experienced in my life. It was pitch dark in the room and suddenly this shadow-like figure appeared that was blacker than the black of night. It just loomed there. Several of the participants reported seeing it and feeling an eerie presence. There was an old lamp in the room that wasn’t plugged in, and although we didn’t see anything at the event, the camera footage of that night shows the lamp turning on and off!”

Jaymes White is a mind reader and professional profiler for Ontario police departments

White refers to himself as a Mind Reader, but he is also a professional profiler and much sought-after guest speaker.

“I work with police departments all over Ontario who hire me to help train detectives on how to profile a person,” states White. “You need to know who you are dealing with so you can ask the questions in the best way to get answers. I am also hired by universities to give lectures on how to improve memory.”

White was about six or seven years old when he discovered he had a special gift of being able to read people.

“My gift is that I see psychological clues and use my intuition and notice patterns of behaviour. I developed my gift on my own by buying dozens of books on mind reading and psychic abilities. I also kept hundreds of books, like diaries, of things that happened, and when I am doing guest lectures, I often refer to my books. I kept my gift to myself until I was about 20. I am an introverted person which isn’t good in the entertainment world but was good when it came to honing my skills. I took an acting class in Ottawa where I learned how to feel comfortable in front of an audience.”

The audiences at his nightly seances are up to 18 people who, as you can imagine, gather in a room as White talks about the history of the historic house. “I focus on the audience and give them a bit of history of the venue. At the Howland Inn séance I will likely tell them a bit about the story of the children who disappeared and how their bodies were discovered between 1836 and 1838 and talk about the rumours surrounding their disappearance. I try not to give too much away, including names, but ask the audience to tell us if the name of someone stands out.”

At the Victorian séance, White uses several proven techniques, including the use of a Ouija board, to encourage participation from his audience (and perhaps those from beyond).

“The séance is all about the audience and the venue, and as the audiences are different each night, and so are the experiences,” explains White. “The audience is the star of the experience. I just use techniques to connect them to the location. The venue also changes each year, so although we have a lot of repeat guests, it’s a new and exciting event night after night, year after year. We sell 2,400 tickets each year and it’s an experience those 2,400 people won’t soon forget!”

Please visit JaymesWhite.com for more details.

When: September 29th – November 25th, 2023

Where: Meet in front of 640 Church Street (beside A&W). From here you will be escorted a short walking distance to the Séance Location.

Tickets: $68.66 per person (Private group max. 16 ppl – save $200).

with notes Laurie Wallace-Lynch’s TOtimes.ca interview with Jaymes White, September 2022.

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