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Popular Toronto bakery offers up Lunar New Year Delicacies


It’s safe to say, we are all in desperate need of a fresh start. With Chinese New Year around the corner, one of Toronto’s most popular family-operated Chinese bakeries, Lucullus Bakery, is offering a sweet escape into century-old traditions and Hong Kong-inspired artistry.

A local GTA staple since 1991, Lucullus is ringing in the Year of the Ox with some traditional dishes and family favourites. While festivities may look a little different this year, what better way to celebrate safely than by supporting local businesses and enjoying hand-made delicacies?

For a limited time, Torontonians can enjoy these traditional holiday dishes, served the Lucullus way (steamed and ready to bring home):

Nian Gao, Lucullus Bakery Toronto

Nian Gao – Sometimes translated as Year Cake or Chinese New Year Cake is a traditional Chinese sticky rice cake that typically includes almonds, dates, vanilla, caramel, toffee and cream. While it can be eaten all year round, traditionally it is most popular during the Chinese New Year. It is considered good luck to eat nian gao during this time, because nian gao is a homonym for “higher year.”

Chinese Lo Bak Gao – Popular Dim Sum item and festive dish for the holidays. It’s a savoury rice cake made with radish that typically includes Chinese sausage, dried shrimp and dried scallops. It is also commonly eaten during Chinese New Year, since the word for radish is a homophone for “good fortune”

Fried Nian Gao, Lucullus Bakery Toronto

Wu Tao Gao – Savoury dish made with Taro (root vegetable) rice flower and umami rich toppings. Its popularity grows during the Chinese New Year since it is also considered an auspicious food, symbolizing achieving higher in the coming year. Because the pronunciation of “cake (gao)” is the same as “high” in Cantonese.

The bakery remains open for curbside pick up.

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