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Three things to remember when choosing a stairlift


There are many reasons you might need to fit a stairlift in your home and in this article we will help you in choosing a stairlift right for you. If you or a family member has limited mobility or is beginning to struggle with using the stairs, then installing a stairlift can change your life and make getting around your home a lot easier. Whether the limited mobility is caused by age, illness, an accident, or surgery, a stairlift can make a big difference. A stairlift can allow someone to continue to live independently at home, without being restricted to just one floor. It takes away the worry of using the stairs and can give you the freedom to safely go up and down, without the risk of falling.

choosing a stairlift
Choosing a stairlift

There are many benefits to installing a stairlift, but there are some important factors to remember before you spend any money, so you know you’re getting the right one. Here are the three most important things to remember when you’re getting a stairlift.

The Budget

Before you start looking at any stairlifts, work out what you can afford to spend. The prices of stairlifts can vary quite a lot, and without a clear budget in mind, you could easily end up spending a lot more than you can really afford to.

Look into the prices of buying a stairlift compared to renting one, as renting can sometimes work out cheaper. However, this is usually only cost-effective if you’ll be using the stairlift for a short term, such as while recovering from surgery, than it would for long-term use.

If you’re on a tighter budget, see if you can find a reconditioned stairlift. These models are secondhand, but fully safety checked. These are cheaper, but the stairlift will be older. Make sure you buy from a reputable seller if you go down that route. Don’t buy from a private seller, as you won’t get any kind of guarantee or warranty.

If your budget is very tight, then it could be worth seeing if you qualify for any financial aid to help you buy your stairlift. Some local charities will help with purchases like this, so it’s worth researching if you’re worried about the cost of your stairlift. 

Reputable Manufacturer Brand

When you’re buying a stairlift, you want to be sure that you’re buying from a reputable manufacturer brand. You want to be sure that your stairlift is well-made, safe, and reliable, like Handicare stairlifts.

Another factor to take into account is what kind of support the manufacturer will offer if your stairlift breaks down or has issues after you’ve bought it. A reputable company should offer you at least a twelve-month warranty on parts and work if something does go wrong. This gives you peace of mind that someone will be able to come and fix your stairlift without it costing you money if it does break down in your first year of ownership.


What features do you need the stairlift to have?

Think about the needs of the person who will be using it. Different models will be suited to different needs. For example, ergonomic controls may be easier for someone with arthritis. A powered swivel seat can be easier to use for a person who struggles with a manual seat. A perch seat can be more comfortable for someone who struggles to bend their hips or knees.

What kind of staircase do you have? Your stairs will determine whether you can have a stairlift that has a ready-made rail or will need a custom-made one. Straight stairlifts can be fitted to straight stairs with no turns. These can be fitted quickly too.

If your stairs have a bend or turn a corner, then you will need a curved stairlift with a custom-made rail that has been made to fit the turns of your staircase. This will be more expensive and it will take longer to fit, as there is more work involved.

If you have a narrow staircase, then you will need to find a narrower model that has been designed for stairs like this. A perch or standing model can be easier to fit into a narrow stairwell than a model with a standard seat.

Before choosing which stairlift you should buy, it’s a good idea to do some research, so you know what features you might want to fit your individual needs and your staircase. Read manufacturer reviews, read the small print of warranties carefully, and make sure you have a clear budget in mind for what you want to spend.

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