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Top five compelling reasons to stick with SVG’s


When you are trying to communicate with your audience online, visual content is referred to as the “Secret Weapon”. No matter whether you are building a stunning website, using an infographic, or account with video to sell your products and service on the web, visualization is essential for better leads. The problem that arises is choosing the right image file format!

Yes, SVG’s (Scalable Vector Graphics) is the universal format that is supported across all desktop and mobile browsers. If you want to represent points, lines, curves in your images, then it’s better to choose.SVG format rather than .PNG. Also, an online PNG to SVG converter is the free and best way to convert PNG to SVG vector images. There are certain benefits of using SVG vector files for web and web design, let’s find why you have to account with SVG vector images.


It’s resolution independent and responsive:

Remember that images can be scaled in the same way as you scale other elements for responsive website design. Since the SVG comes with a vector nature, the image is resolution-independent. That’s the patent reason why people preferred SVG instead of PNG images, and even they can use PNG to SVG converter to turn PNG into SVG for free. An SVG vector image file looks crisp on any display even the:

  • 285 PPI pixel density displays that found on new smartphones to the 85 PPI of standard monitor displays

Using SVG vector files, you can stop creating ‘@2x. Png images (unless you people are required to support IE8) and even create a single file for all of the icons. Also, you can resize all of your SVGs without losing the image quality. An online PNG to SVG converter is also the best support to save PNG as SVG while preserving the original file quality. 

It’s animatable:

SVG elements can be animated that is best for creating some truly significant interactive experiences, or even that animation can be considered to add nice little bit touches to an interface, icon or image. Remember that you people can create animation by using CSS, the Web Animations API ins JS (JavaScript) or simply using the SVG’s ‘<animate>’ tag. You could also use PNG to SVG converter online if you want to convert existing PNG images to SVG vector images.

Experts revealed that SVG animation is at a remarkable point in development.

It’s style-able:

Inside SVG, you can style elements using class names or IDs, slightly different properties to those that you would normally use, instead of color that you use for fill, and even instead of the border that you use for stroke. No doubt that there are few limitations for styling SVG, which simply come from how you are using SVG on the page. For responsive web design, always aim for SVG vector files and bay all PNGs. You can swap your PNG with SVG with the assistance of PNG to SVG converter free that helps you to turn PNG into SVG online. Also, whenever you use an SVG file as an image tag, you will not be able to style the elements inside the Internet Explorer browser. However, there is, a polyfill and svg4everybody through which you can easily fix this problem.

It’s interactive:

Now, you can interact with elements inside of SVG by using JS (JavaScript), humble thanks to the navigable DOM. This is the thing that lets you create interactive elements by using the SVG files in the same way you would with HTML as well as CSS.

Also, you could easily apply animations via JavaScript through the new Web Animations API, which allows both simple and complex interactions and even the animations to be programmed. Remember that there are few numbers of JS libraries that you can use, they specifically have been created to speed up SVG workflows. If your website is already packed with PNGs, then ready to convert them into SVGs by using PNG to SVG converter free and retain better visualization outcomes.

Small file sizes:

Well, when using raster images like PNG on responsive websites, its file size is a daunting challenge. This is all because PNG raster images not at all scale the way that SVG vector image does. Thus, an online PNG to SVG converter is designed to do quick batch PNG to SVG conversions.

Thankfully, you come to know that SVG vector images can be responsive, animated, and complex, so, there are no more reasons to depict why you should not use them for big hero images.

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